Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reading, Sun and Sea

Wednesday morning was dedicated to clothes washing and trip planning.

Our return home is now almost completely booked.

We will leave Catania by bus on June 29 for the west coast of Sicily and the town of Trapani.

On June 30 we will fly to Barcelona where we will stay for three days.  Then we will tour the province of Asturias in northern Spain for three days where my maternal grandparents grew up.  We wind up the Spanish part of our Grand Tour with three days in Madrid.

Next up, two days in Bruges, Belgium ancestral home of Debi Murphy.  I wish I could rewatch "In Bruges" before we arrive.  Lots of chocolate, lace, cuisine and beer will be found here.

We then get a chance to start to reaquaint ourselves with the English language (sort of) with a one day stop in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We continue on to York, England for two days and to London for our final two days in Europe.

After 16 action packed days, we will fly home to Camarillo on July 15! 

Is he breathing?

I'm not dead yet!  All this trip planning is so exhausting, so we spent the afternoon at this lido in front of the Mythos Cafe in Aci Trezza trying to recharge our batteries.

Adventure lays at the bottom of these lido steps.

Rust eating fish

"If I get caught between these fish and the lido, I could be in trouble Jim. Just as you can if you are not fully covered by Mutual of Omaha."

Sea Level

I'm STILL not dead yet,
just checking out the scenery.

A Tribute to
Hall-of-Fame Synchronized Swimmer
Koreen FitzGerald

Junior QB Andrea Conticello
pointing out a potential blitzer.

Another good turnout at the Junior practice last night, these youngsters are progressing and learning VERY quickly!

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