Monday, June 8, 2009

Last Day With Denver

Sunday would be our last full day before Denver Travis Wade flew home to San Francisco, California from Catania via stops in Milan, Dublin and Chicago!

While Denver was still asleep from the extremely late night at Christian's near all-night birthday bash, Laurie and I decided to go for a brisk morning walk into Act Trezza.

New Small Boats Under Construction

Aci Trezza's main source of income has always been fishing, although late night summer revelry may be taking over.  They still build these small fishing boats down near the marina.

The Sandman

Just a few more hours and this one will be ready for the traditional Sicilian fishing boat paint job.

We got a ways to go on this other one though.

First Communion Day in Aci Trezza

This young lady watching all the families coming out of the
Chiesa San Giovanni Battista.

First Communion can make a girl want to twirl. . .

. . . AND jump for joy!

I guess calcio truly is #1 in Italia

Seven calcio balls on the balcony is proof enough for me.

Another girl running for Prom Queen

Rosa Licciardello is running in Acireale.  She thus poses no threat to Sarah Tudisco, who we highlighted in an earlier post, in her bid to become the Prom Queen of nearby D'Agostino.

Runaway Washing Machine!!!

Every now and again, our trusty washing machine gets unbalanced in it's spin cycle.

When it does, it starts to dance wildly across the floor, kind of like Paul doing the Twist at the pool party last Saturday.

If Paul or I get there first we wrestle it into submission.

Laurie just sits on it.

Davide, Alessandro and Daniella Giuliano

We all met at Camelot, a.k.a. The Meat Factory, for one last dinner with Denver.

Salad?  Who ordered a salad?

Nonna Laurie with Alessandro

She's a natural!  Nonna not blond that is.

The boys together for the last time.

Catania's Fontanarossa
International Airport

How many times have I been here in these two seasons either dropping off someone, picking up someone or traveling myself???

Denver Checking In

We thought that his bags would exceed Meridiana's 15 kilos total per person not bag limit and they probably did.  Fortunately, the girl at the counter melted when she saw Denver's smile and rugged good looks and was mesmerized long enough to not charge him for the excess weight!

Good Bye Denver!

The pre-season football magazines are now hitting the newstands in America and several have named Denver as their choice for Division III's 2009 Most Lovable Player.  No one in Catania would argue this pick!

The Elephants were so very fortunate to have Denver fall into our coaching laps.  He did a great things with the offensive line using the combination of a very calm, cerebral approach at practice with a maniacel sideline presence on game days to get the job done.

He was SO very highly respected by all of the Elephants!

We wish him and his Wabash College Little Giants a FANTASTIC 2009 season!

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