Monday, June 1, 2009

Dinner at Camelot

After the Lazio victory, Taber's parents graciously invited all of the imports to dinner at Camelot, one of Catania's best "Meat Factories".

It turned out to be a great way to unwind and try to get over perhaps the biggest bonehead decision of my career, the timeout at the end of the game.

Like the sign says, Camelot specialty is in being a "Typical Sicilian Kitchen"

It is located in downtown Catania across from the Castello Ursino.

Larry was happy with a win and lots of food to boot!

The Castello Ursino in the background.

Why do we call it a "Meat Factory"?

This plate of incredible sausages might give you a clue.  Note the plate of cipollata to the left.

Also of interest, behind the sausage plate, is the best Quatro Fromaggio pizza I've had yet in Sicily.

Polpetta di Cavallo

An entire plate of deliciously sweet horsemeat patties!  I had to share.

Laurie tried a bite of it at last very reluctantly but agreed that is was really good.

The somewhat surreal Castello Ursino at night

Again a BIG THANKS to the LeMarr family for taking us all out for a great last meal together.

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