Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday was Packing Day, sort of. . .

Friday was devoted to separating the items to take back to California from those that will stay behind in Catania. In order to not lug so much weight around Spain, Belgium, Scotland and England for 16 days, we have also created three boxes of items to be shipped to Camarillo via, GULP, the Italian Postal System! We tried going with UPS but we were looking at over 150 Euros in shipping charges so we decided to take the much more economical chance with Poste Italiana.

My favorite ivy-covered building in Sicily

We had to pass this edifice on our way to the Le Zagare Shopping Mall to buy needed supplies to properly cushion and tape shut our three packages.

A meat deli in Le Zagare

We found the necessary tape but not the much needed bubble wrap. We also came across this meat counter.

When we came out of Le Zagare we found ourselves in the middle of a steamy tropical lightening and thunder rainstorm which I love!

Giovanni Pennisi is running for
Sindaco of Aci Castello

These are some of his campaign flyers that. . .

. . . are strewn all over
the streets of Aci Castello

I think Giovanni is running on a clean up Aci Castello campaign platform.

Friday Night Passeggiata in Aci Castello

After eating a super thin crust pizza at Dietro Le Mura we joined the masses on the streets for a breath of fresh air.

The lights of Aci Trezza

Aci Castello's Castle

Hanging out at Aci Castello's
Chiesa San Giuseppe

Empty tonight,
fisherman can often be found playing cards and swapping fish stories here.

Mike and Vanessa's lock is still here

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