Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot Sunday

After a very late night Saturday we took the liberty of sleeping in late into Sunday morning, almost afternoon if the truth be told.

It was warm again, not a cloud in the sky, just another perfect day to sit by the Ionian Seas. But where? All the beaches would be crowded by this time making finding both a parking space and a plot of sand difficult.

We decided to just walk down to the lidos in Aci Trezza to try our luck.

Bad Sign

As we walked along the sea wall we saw people all over the lava rocks including these kids who had swum out to this rock island about 30 yards off shore to find a place to lay out.

The lidos were full as well when we inquired about renting a lounge.


We could not find any place we liked so we had to make a decision. Sometimes command is a VERY lonely business.

Decision #1 was simple, go back to Mythos and have something to eat. We could then watch the entry to our favorite lido across the street comfortably until we observed a couple fully packed leaving the lido for the day. MASTERFUL PLANNING!

It Worked!

Timing is everything, just as we finished two cappucinos, a brioche and a graffeta at Mythos, out came two sun drenched Sicilians. We jumped at our stroke of good fortune and got their two prime area lounges.

We purchased these awesome goggles for a mere 12 Euros when we were wandering around Aci Trezza earlier in the day, great investment.

Sicily's Newest Goggled Skin Diver

Granted, I may be very naturally bouyant but the Ionian Sea is so salty that it is almost impossible to drown. I tried to go deeper a few times but as soon as I stopped paddling and kicking to go deeper I would explode back to the surface like the world's biggest cork.

After an early spaghetti dinner back at Malibu, I crashed for an apparently much needed rest.

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