Sunday, June 7, 2009

Christian Di Mauro's 27th Birthday Party

Saturday was a great day, 90˚F+,  to be invited to the Di Mauro household for a pool party to celebrate Christian's 27th birthday! 


In Italy, a clothing house has been selling all sorts of apparel with "Franklin and Marshall University" written on it.  Denver has had enough of this Division III, Pennsylvania college stealing all the thunder and decided to hand out Wabash College clothing to those assembled to get his school into the forefront of Italian haute couture.

O.K., maybe in the process of packing he decided to leave some things behind to make way for his new found treasures, maybe.

Lifeguard Claudio insuring everyone's safety

Salvo being Salvo

Water Safety Course

Claudio instructing Denver on the proper technique of a backflip.

This is going to take some work.

Giulio Romano

A beer, a girl, a pool, the sun. . . La Vita é Bella!


La Vita é Bella, Part II

Lucki is in the house!

Denver and I surveying the scenery

Gino wonders how long Gustavo
can hold his breath.

Sun Worshipers

Paul's borrowing of some sexy sunglasses that will pay dividends later.


La Vita é Bella, Part III

Claudio and Roberta

As close to a Banana Daiquiri as I can get.

Denver, Denver, Denver. . .

Adding a football to the mix could be interesting

How dare you arrive late with
street clothes on!

Salvo, you know better than to drop your head on a tackle!

No really, it's O.K., I'm a doctor.

Having Fun in the Shade

Birthday Boy Christian having fun too!
Christian about to dunk another unsuspecting girl

Why isn't Claudio controlling this madcap?

Steve Gama, call my cell phone please.

Claudio, seen here with Christian, has decided to give up and join the natives! 

Paul yelled "Panini" and suddenly I was surrounded!

Paul attempts a group photo

I do not know!

Kids just want to have fun!

Denver and Riccardo

Denver Dancing!!!

Are we having fun yet?

A 1962 Fiat 500

Christian's family owns two of these Italian Classics, both white.  He gave me the chance to finally try one on for size!

Safety FIRST!

I'm going in, cover me!

Just as I thought, plenty of head room!

Sharing my moment with Claudio!

Lots of leg room too!

Getting out wasn't so easy.

The 1962 Fiat 500 fits Laurie like a glove!

For me it was a little more like an adventure.

I told you those sexy sunglasses
would pay off!


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