Saturday, June 27, 2009

Isola Bella Good-Bye

Since we try to avoid going to the beach on the super crowded weekends, Friday would probably be our last chance to enjoy the relaxing decadence of an umbrella, a couple of lounges and the wonderful waters of the Ionian Sea.

But which umbrella at which beach?

The question really came down to which of all of the beaches that we have been to in the last two years on Sicily would we want to declare as our favorite? The answer. . .

The Mendolia Beach Club at Isola Bella

This is one of the rock beaches at the base of Taormina, just a gorgeous setting with crystal clear water and lots of marine life.

The house atop the Isola is privately owned.


Unfortunately, there was a little too much marine life today as hosts of medusa, i.e. jellyfish, invaded the cove.

Though not by the bazillions like last year in the Egadi Islands off of the west coast of Sicily, there were just enough to make you nervous to go into the sea past your knees.

We thus just laid on our lounges and took in the beauty of it all.

Roberta and Laurie

Two of my favorite and most attractive women in all of Europe.

Dinner in Pedara

We met Gregorio, Roberta, Claudio and Peppe at a pizzeria in the town of Pedara, high up in the Mt. Etna foothills.

We enjoyed a delightfully slow, two and a half hour dining experience that allowed us to enjoy the company of some of our best friends one last time before we leave.

Days like today make it REALLY hard to leave Sicily.

But it is time.

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