Monday, June 8, 2009

Rio Mesa H.S. Girl Wins California State 100 Meter Dash

Saturday night Rio Mesa High School's Valexia Droughn, only a sophomore, won a gold medal at the California State Track and Field Championship Meet in the Girl's 100 meter dash with a time of 11.54.

The Spartans' Long Line of Great Sprinters

Valexia is the latest state sprint champ developed by our Sprint Coach, Athletic Director and Frosh football team Offensive Coordinator Brian FitzGerald.

Rio Mesa is the only school in California history to have three different girls collect 100 meter dash state championship medals!  Angela Burnham led the way in the 1980's with 3 gold medals, followed by Marion Jones in the 1990's with two championships and now Valexia adds her name to this impressive list.  Brian almost had a fourth girl, Porchea Carroll, win the coveted title when she came in second in this event one year.

Congratulations Valexia!

Watch her State Championship Race at: 


DPLassen said...

Does this mean she tranfers to Thousand Oaks High for next season?

George said...

Are you sniffing for a scoop?

itzbfitz said...

OK, Lassen, there'll be no more of that kind of talk...