Friday, June 12, 2009

Giarre, Riposto and Mazzaró

To paraphrase a QB I once knew, we may have only been 3-6 this year, we may not be getting ready to play in any kind of playoff game this weekend, but we're in Sicily and all those teams still playing aren't!

We took advantage of our geographical edge and went exploring to the north of Malibu, to the towns of Giarre and Riposto before going to the sea near Taormina.

Giarre's War Memorial

Giarre's Duomo di Sant'Isidoro Agricola

Built in 1794

Yet another, no longer used, cool pulpit


I always bring two body guards with me whenever I go to the Bancomat to check my account.

They ARE packin', of course!

Moorish Influence in Giarre

Does Laurie's outfit offend
Moorish sensibilities?

Riposto's Basilica Matrice di San Pietro

The Basilica's Stylish
Catechism Information Board

Battle of the Domes
You pick your favorite from today as seen below.

Option A - Giarre's Dome

Option B - Riposto's Dome

The Mussel Man of Riposto

Colorful Food is a MUST!

Castello degli Schiavi

This "Castle of the Slaves" is located in a remote part of the town of Fiumefreddo di Sicilia. The two figures you see in the tower represent two Moorish captives who are now slaves anxiously looking towards the sea for signs of their friends coming to their rescue.

The Courtyard of the Castello degli Schiavi

If it looks at all familiar, it is probably because it was in a scene from the movie "The Godfather". Which scene you ask? Scroll down.

Michael Corleone's first wife, Apollonia, dropping out of her
Sicilian Driver Training Class

Unfortunately, the Castello was closed so I could only get a few shots from the street while Laurie sat in the car. I told her NOT to start the engine while I was across the street just in case.

The Ionian Sea near Taormina

Lido Mazzaró

VERY relaxing!

You find THE most interesting graffiti in Taormina

Vines or handrails?

There are a LOT of stairs back up from the beach.

There is nothing like a bright and cheery hotel entrance gate!

In Taormina, TYPICAL Sicilian Peasants were suddenly on parade.

Only a two cart parade, this one had a band playing.

Though highly decorated, this one had a real working man's feel to it.

Taormina is a cruise ship destination in the summer.

Finally, a drink at Taormina's Wünderbar

The Wünderbar has always been a favorite watering hole with film stars and the 55th Annual Taormina Film Festival does start this Saturday. So we felt it was about time to finally stop by for a couple of over-priced drinks.

We got off lightly as Laurie only had one glass of white wine while I had a strawberry milk shake. . . LIVING THE HIGH LIFE INDEED!

No Brad or Angelina today

Two of Laurie's favorite Taormina stores side-by-side

Wine on the left and pastries on the right

Nice Dental Plan

Sicily's answer to the American crisis in the Catholic Church. . .

"You are NOT going to believe what Gina just confessed to me!"

Laurie's wine store up close


The Cyclops is BIG in Sicilian/Greek Folklore


Laurie believes we should have no problem squeezing these into the overhead compartment.

Taormina's majestic Hotel Excelsior Palace

What a great, relaxing day we enjoyed. . . AGAIN!

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