Monday, June 22, 2009

"Gustavo Bonanno is in the hospital. . ."

We found out at about noon that our beloved Gustavo had been admitted into the Cannizarro Hospital last evening for emergency reasons.

It seems that a bunch of the usual suspects got together yesterday afternoon for a typical pick-up game of calcio. During play there was a loose ball that both Gustavo and our own Gregorio Barbagallo went after. Just as Gregorio was about to kick the ball he slipped and instead of kicking the ball, he kicked the balls, Gustavo's that is!

Being the trooper that he is, Gustavo, after recovering his. . . composure, continued to play the final 20 minutes of the game. When he got to the locker room and started to take a shower he noticed some unusual swelling where none should EVER exist!!!

He was rushed to the hospital where they checked his testicles and sure enough he had a pair. No damage to the little fellas but they did have to drain the blood from the broken blood vessel in his scrotum.

How much swelling was there you ask?


Gustavo wanted me to publicly thank Mathieu Cassaghi for helping him with this visual re-creation of his malady!

From the hospital it was time to meet with Davide in the Elephants' new Headquarters that he just moved into last week.

The changes were remarkable like. . .

. . . Air Conditioning and. . .

. . . a Toilet WITH a Seat!!!

We waited two years but it was still quite moving to see these upgrades up close and personal.

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