Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Festa di San Giovanni Battista

LEGAL NEWS FLASH: Our son, Michael, informed us on Tuesday that I got another driving ticket in the mail for unknowingly entering a limited access driving zone in Siena without permission. This infraction carries a hefty fine of 105 Euros!

The date of the violation? March 14, 2008! I received this ticket 15 months after the fact. I don't know if Italy has a Statute of Limitations but I believe that I do!

After following our Golden Rule for Maximizing Your Beach Time Enjoyment, "No Beach On The Weekends", we ventured out yesterday to one of our favorite lidos in nearby Aci Trezza.

As always, park me with a book and under an umbrella and I'm set for the day!

Safety First!

I felt SO serene in the water knowing that if anything happened, our lido's lifeguard, seen here, would be there to rescue me.

The Sun toyed with us for much of the afternnon.

Using the new goggles to explore these rocks is great fun, lots of fish today.

Aci Trezza's Festa di San Giovanni Battista

This three day Festival started Tuesday night with a religious parade through town.

You HAVE to have a Candelaria, otherwise it wouldn't really be a Festival.

This wannabe gondolier guards the Candelaria.

Every parade must have a proper band!

The main focus of this Festival is Aci Trezza's fishing heritage.

These pescatori don't seem too concerned with the Opening Ceremonies in their honor.

The Parade crowd gathers in front of
Aci Trezza's Chiesa San Giovanni Battista

Altar Girls and Altar Boys prepare to lead the way.

A Host or a Relic?

I thought the priest brought out this consecrated host to parade around town.

Laurie thought it was a relic like maybe the town's Patron Saint's, St. John the Baptist, ring finger or something of that sort!

Aci Trezza's Harbor from Pizzeria Pellegrino

Chiesa San Giovanni Battista

Post Parade Analysis for the Parishoners

Parade Action for your Viewing Pleasure


DPLassen said...

Before you went to Italy, I had no idea you had such criminal tendencies. On the other hand, it's nice you're doing so much to support the governments of Italy's great cities.

George said...

Two more tickets and I get considered for a junior membership in the local Mafia family.