Thursday, July 2, 2009


We are alive and well in Barcelona enjoying every moment of the 2009 Catalunya Sweat Festival!

How did we get here you ask? Well it was not easy.

Sorry for not posting sooner but our hotel in Trapani did not have a Wi-Fi connection and our hotel in Barcelona's Wi-Fi was down until this afternoon.

Davide and me for one last caffé on Monday

THANK YOU Davide for two of the most interesting seasons of my coaching career!

The bus from Catania to Trapani

Ryanair, Europe's CHEAP airline, does not fly out of Catania. For us to take advantage of their low airfares to Barcelona, we would have to fly out of Trapani near Palermo. This would require us to take a second bus from Palermo to Trapani. Fortunately, we only had to wait ten minutes to make our connection.

Western Sicily's Countryside

A refreshing Trapani courtyard

People in Trapani taking a STRONG stand against the Mafia!

I love Trapani's colorful Post Office

A Trapani Furniture Restorer's excellent work

Cuba comes to Trapani

This is for you Bill Gardner

Via Vittorio Emanuele, Trapani style

The colors caught my eye

Dinner in Trapani with Chinese Tourists

The girl over my left shoulder ordered mussels having never eaten or seen them me thinks.

Her technique? Put the whole thing in your mouth, separate the mussel from it's shell, spit the shell onto your plate and repeat eleven times.

Kind of noisy.

Trapani's Cathedral

The Vest

Our bags will surely be overweight, so I bought this cheap vest on the Trapani waterfront. Note all those zippered pockets? Perfect for stuffing with everything we have that qualifies as HEAVY.

Garibaldi trails Vittorio Emanuele in Italian honors

But not by much.

Ever wonder what happened to Bob Marley's deads?

Laurie and one of Trapani's strange trees

Trapani Fisherman

Archway between the Cathedral and its Offices

Cathedral Door

"Where's Fabio?"

Kids playing on a warm summer morning

OK, the budding rap master was not totally crazy about having to play with his sister and her two friends.

What has he seen over all the years?

Chiesa di San Francesco's floor

We both left a part of our hearts in Sicily

The Grand Tour is now officially under way!

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