Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Great Camarillo Post Office Debate

If you followed this blog during our three week trip from Sicily to Spain to Belgium to Scotland and finally to England, then you know about my concern for the Camarillo Post Office's place amongst the great post offices of Europe.

I spoke with long time Camarillo City Councilman Kevin Kildee about this situation at Starbuck's over a cappucino last Wednesday and he promised to look into the situation. The recession and the state of California's budget crunch present major roadblocks to a quick solution to our problem.

To review the evidence,

The Trapani Post Office

Located on the west coast of Sicily, it was while paying a parking ticket here that this whole issue was raised in my mind.

The Barcelona Post Office

This Spanish edifice really got me wondering.

The Madrid Post Office

Although it is in Spain's capital city, now my blood was boiling!

The Bruges Post Office

In Belgium's most beautiful city, I can live with this one.

The York Post Office

The English are reserved in many things, I can live with this one too.

The Camarillo Post Office

Now do you see my point?


Joe said...

look how much we are saving the taxpayers!

Andrew said...

I believe that you may be under estimating the aesthetic beauty of cinder block walls.