Saturday, July 11, 2009

Travel Day to Edinburgh, Scotland

Friday was mostly a travel day for us between Bruges, Belgium and Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Ryanair Saga Continues

Stow away luggage each 15 kilos on the dot, CHECK!

Carry-on luggage the correct size and under 10 kilos, CHECK!

Visa Control and Check-in, all at one counter for once, and we were the only people in line, CHECK!

Clearing the Security Check Point with only five people in line, CHECK!

Getting two seats in the Emergency Exit row for more leg room, CHECK!


Our first view of a very green Scotland

First thing we saw outside of the airport. . .
a Scottish Links Golf Course!

We landed at Prestwick International Airport and took a train to nearby Glasgow, a shuttle bus to another train station in Glasgow and boarded the train to Edinburgh. Total cost for the two of us was only 14.70 British Pounds. The only hitch we had was that at the airport Laurie boarded a different train car than I did and you could not walk from one to the other. On the other hand, it was a peaceful ride into Glasgow

This reminds me that we were in a spending frenzy at the airport in Belgium trying to get rid of all of our Euros. Laurie made a valiant effort but we still have some left over.

What the. . .

First cab we saw in Glasgow as we waited for our shuttle bus.

Scottish people may have THE best clothing of all of the world's cultures.

"WE'RE #17!, WE'RE #17, WE'RE. . ."

According to the November-December, 2008 edition of "National Geographic Traveler", Edinburgh's Historical Area is the 17th best place in the world to visit.

No argument here.

Heraldry, always a favorite with me!

As David Lassen wishes Bruges would do,
Edinburgh bought the vowel.

John Morrison Kiltmakers

Top of the line store, I tried a kilt on in one of the shops we passed and Laurie wanted me to buy it but I kept telling her that Cubans were never really big on kilts.

Too bad though because I really did look good in it!


Friday Night Date

Wear your best kilt to impress the ladies!

Same thing goes at a Church Wedding

Mike, John Morison's rents these outfits for weddings, IT'S NOT TO LATE!!!

She still has my heart.

The Official Crest of those of us who are
"Fat But Firm"

Now if Gothic Architecture is what you like, you will LOVE Edinburgh!

The Sir Walter Scott Monument

Scotland's great novelist, Scott's Monument has a mere 287 steps to the top for a fabulous view of the city.

We passed.

One of dozens of churches in Edinburgh

"The Black Watch"

GREAT name for your military group!

Who is this person?

St. Columba's Church

The Royal Mile

The Witchery Tavern

On the Royal Mile just a few steps away from the Edinburgh Castle.

Fighting off the temptation to order haggis.

Haggis is a traditional Scottish animal by-product dish that is made on a dare. We ordered the fish and chips.

Edinburgh is a very interesting city with lots of history. We will tour the Edinburgh Castle Saturday morning before pushing on to York, the World's Most Haunted City!

Traditional Scottish Bagpiper

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DPLassen said...

I'm not sure what's scarier about Scotland: the kilts, the haggis or the bagpipes.