Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Day In Bruges

Our one full day in Bruges, Belgium was a happy one. This is a very amazing city that is a joy to all of your senses!

Bruges' Excellent City Emblem

Medieval Heraldry Abounds

The Belfort presiding over Markt Square since 1300

Great bell ringing in the tower every 15 minutes as a series of 47 bells play all sorts of happy songs.

Ornate Building on Burg Square

No clue what its function is other than to look brilliant.

The REAL Bruges Post Office

Camarillo, let's get going on that new Post Office design NOW!

Cityscape from atop the De Halve Maan Brewery

Michelangelo's "Madonna and Child"

This is the only Michelangelo statue to leave Italy in his lifetime.

What are these two thinking?

Maybe about the idyllic canals that criss-cross Bruges like these next three.

The canals are romantic

Of course, my new Asturian boina adds to my sex appeal.

Bruges is also famous for its chocolate!

I tried to fight the temptation but. . .

. . . their window display strategies were just too much for me to resist!

Belgian Waffles

Straight up in Bruges, no maple syrup but thet have a sweet taste that makes up for it.

What could be more, well, Belgian?

Mussels and French Fries

Back in Catania, Elephant's lineman Mathieu Cassaghi told us that this is THE meal in Bruges. He was right!

We had one order of mussels with garlic. Incredible taste and there must have been at least 50 of the tasty little devils in this pot !!!

We of course finished all of them.


Bruges is also reknowned for its lace. There are shops everywhere selling high quality, handmade lace in beautiful designs and colors.

We were fortunate to find a lady hard at work tatting away in the video below.


When you come to Europe, definitely plan on a visit to Bruges. You'll love it and its relaxed pace of life.

In the morning we square off with Ryanair one last time on our flight to Scotland to explore Edinburgh.


itzbfitz said...

Those clever Belgians have found a way to make chocolate even better! If Laurie buys a lace shawl, you should be able to have some sculpted chocolate. I believe that's where the saying "tit for tat" comes from.

DPLassen said...

Before you leave, maybe you could buy them a vowel for Markt Square.

Andrew said...

Could've gone my whole life without seeing my father wearing that hat.