Monday, July 6, 2009

Sports Updates from All Over the Globe


This year the continent of Europe will have an American football tournament held in August where each participating country can send their all-star team to compete.

The Italian team started their selection process in June with two try-outs. The first one was by invitation only and was held in Rome the weekend of the IFL Semi-Finals. The second try-out, open to all comers, was held in Milano Marittima the day after the IFL Championship game.

After these two try-outs were completed, a 60 man roster was announced last week. During the month of July these 60 players will continue to compete as the Azzuri, the "Blues" as all Italian National teams are called, need to trim the squad down to 45 players for the tournament.

Three Catania Elephants made the 60 man roster!


Offensive Tackle Andrea "Happy Birthday" Specchiarello

Tight End Peppe "Coppino" Strano
Wide Receiver Claudio "Il Sheriffo" Mangano


The Ventura County Star newspaper has just named Rio Mesa High School as having the best all-around sports program in the county for large schools in the 2008-09 school year.

The Pacific View League
Baseball Champions Celebrating

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On Sunday, the World's #1 ranked Matador de Toros, José Tomás fought in the Plaza Monumental.

A typical corrida has six bulls and three matadors who each fight twice. If it is a Mano-a-Mano between just two matadors then they each fight three times. Simple mathematics no?

José Tomás fought by himself so that means he took on, let me see now, ALL SIX BULLS!!! Unheard of!

Tomás is so popular that he is the only matador still selling out arenas in these hard economic times. One man even purchased two prime seats from a ticket broker for this one man show for 3,000 Euros EACH!

José Tomás was awarded a total of five ears on the day and was carried out of the arena on the shoulders of the crowd.

It wasn't ALL fun and games though for our hero seen here in a bit of trouble Sunday.


Real Madrid introduced their two new, high priced players this week that they purchased in the last month.

Cristiano Ronaldo
formerley of Manchester United

This is Ronaldo, now the world's highest paid athlete, as he is introduced to Real Madrid's fan base in a packed stadium today to find out what his new jersey number will be. The correct answer is nine.

formerly of AC Milan

Seen here at his introduction to Real Madrid Nation last week to an equally packed house. He is holding his new #8 jersey. To pay his salary, it is estimated that they would have to sell about 6,500,000 of these jerseys at about 70 Euros a pop!


il Capo said...

actually we have a 4th man who made the roster... Enrico got his call today.

George said...

Congratulations Enrico!