Sunday, July 12, 2009

York, England

After our morning visit to the Edinburgh Castle, we were off to York on a delightful 2 1/2 hour train ride down the east coast of Scotland and England. Travel by train is so very relaxing and stress free since they don't care how much your luggage weighs or what size it is!

It also affords you a unique views you might not see in a car, especially if you had to concentrate even more while driving on the left side of the road.

Among the things we saw from the train were. . .

The North Sea

Links Golf

I so much wanted to get off the train and just play nine holes, just nine. . .

Random Cities

The Alexander House

Our Bed and Breakfast in York. Our hosts, Gill and Dave, served us a wonderful afternoon tea upon our arrival.

Laurie and her new Scottish shawl

York is a festive town, especially this weekend due to the York Races which is a two day session of horse races where everyone gets dressed WAY up for the Races by day and then go WAY crazy in York at night.

American lawyers should have cool offices like this one.


How DO you play snooker anyway?

We'll start our evening's "Original Ghost Walk of York" at this pub

We ate steak and ale pie for dinner here

Not quite the adventure that haggis for lunch was but very good nonetheless.

Ghost issues were mentioned about this place.

We went in for a beverage here and met. . .

Keith and Linda

Both are lifetime Yorkers and invited us to share their table at the very crowded Plonkers Pub. Because it was Saturday AND the York Races every pub and restaurant was jam packed! Keith and Linda were very outgoing and made for a memorable hour as we waited for the Ghost Walk to start.

Our Ghost Walk guide Mark Graham

With a dry English sense of both humor and drama, his 90 minute tour is a must when you visit York. Great fun.

Cliffords Tower

Some real medieval things happened to people in this place back in the day!

Broze vs. Stone

The York Minster

The largest Gothic church in Britain. It took 200 years to build!

See the second building from the right? That's where. . .

. . . Guy Fawkes was born.

Have you seen the movie "V for Vendetta"?

The York City Council Building

The River Ouse's lively riverfront district


Because of the VERY formal nature of today's York Races, many people were out having a good time in York this evening. Others were out having a good time in somewhat outrageous attire for what is known as a "Hen Party", i.e., bachelorette party.

Either way it was interesting. If I was limited to just one observation for the evening, it would be that English girls drink to EXTREME excess when dressed up in their best clothes! Single guys take note.

Here are a few shots of the evenings sartorial splendors.

Playboy Ears?

Hats and Heels

A lot of sore feet Sunday morning I'm guessing.

Can't begin to explain this outfit

Well, it was the York RACES afterall

RN and police sisterhood

One BIG Stylish Hat

Girls just want to have fun. . .

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