Saturday, July 4, 2009

Two FULL days in Barcelona

Internet. . . FINALLY! We'll see how long it lasts this time.

Barcelona was both GREAT and very hot!


Catalans FIRST, Spaniards second!

Memorial Flame

On September 11, 1714, Madrid massacred Catalan patriots who were buried in a mass grave in this square.

FC Barcelona was the best futbol team in Europe in 2008-09

Possible proof that Albert Pujols is not squeeky clean?

Some French players can play futbol blindfolded!

Do you REALLY love FC Barcelona?

Laurie's Passion. . . jewelry

Schmoozing with the waiter

Did I mention that it was HOT!!!

Dinner on Las Ramblas

My Favorite "Las Ramblas Girl"

The Four Cats Bar

The Barcelona Metro has a stop at Attilio's Fondo Bianco???


Barcelona's Cathedral in the distance

Barcelona must have more construction cranes than any other city in Europe.

Inside the Cathedral

In the Cathedral's Courtyard

The EXACT moment that the Holy Ghost annoints Laurie with the "Gift of Tongues"!


People out and about

Las Ramblas

More Las Ramblas


Barcelona's Farmers Market and more


Fruits and Vegetables



The World's Best Caffé con Leche Maker



Why are my best photos always associated with food?

Picasso Museum

No Photos Inside!

As artsy as I get

The museum is mostly of Picasso's early work. . . WOW!

Antoni Gaudí

Barcelona's preeminent Modernist artist. His work is amazing and still ongoing at the Sagada Familia 83 years after his death!

Casa Batlló

Lamp Post in Plaça Reial

Palau Güell

Parc Güell

Intended as a gated community for Barcelona's upper crust, it failed but is now a great public park with all of the following highlights.

Ceiling Art

Recycled Dishes

Shoot the Curl Arcade

Gaudí Views

Ergonomic Benches

Lizard Fountain

Souvenir Shop

Bench Work

Sagrada Familia is Gaudí's too

The Passion of Christ

Spires and Cranes



Post Office

Puts Camarillo's to shame!

Near the Harbor

Near Plaça de Catalunya

Dessert Shop on Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas

Teatro Liceu Opera House on Las Ramblas

Dragon on Las Ramblas

Palau Música

Because we can!


A healthy start to any day!

NOT legal in the USA

We passed, thank you.

Our FAVORITE Tapas Bar

Why. . .

Variety AND Quality

Ten toothpick self-imposed limit tonight!

Laurie and Wine just go together


According to the New York Times, this is the World's Best sandwich!

Although very good, I am still gathering data on the subject before I can comment on their claim.

Churros and THICK hot chocolate

Plaza Monumental de Toros

Barcelona's Bull Fighting Arena

Jose Tomas, the world's #1 ranked matador, fights this Sunday.

We took the tour

In the Plaza's Museo de Toros we found these "Los Toros" books, my Father proudly owned a set of them!

Two of this Sunday's Bulls

I don't quite fit through this escape slit.

Over the wall for me it is!

This performer in the Metro got us in the mood for the Plaza Monumental de Toros

Performer's at Parc Güell


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Anonymous said...

Thanks again, George, Davide, and all the Elephants for giving me the great opportunity to coach a great bunch of guys! WITH ALL THE EARLY ADVERSITY AND DISTRACTION,THEIR WAS NEVER ANY QUIT IN THE TEAM EFFORT ( except in the "Heatbowl" which our last two wins will let us forget.
I will go to the eurobowl, then fly from Munich to London, then home. Some of my photos will be then sent, with some great underwater shots in Italy, as promised! George, what were the actual comparative numbers on 1st thru 4th in league defense? Ciao, Coach Paul P.S. I am back on the hiking trails, 15 K today!!