Saturday, July 11, 2009

Edinburgh Castle

After a hearty Scottish breakfast in our hotel, we were off on a ten minute walk to enter the city's #1 sight tourist site, The Edinburgh Castle, just as it opened in order to beat the Saturday crowd.

The walk took us by more remarkable vistas.

Jenner's, the world's first department store

The Royal Bank of Scotland

A non-Roman Catholic Church???

Edinburgh Castle

An imposing sight as you approach. This spot has been the seat of Scottish power since 600 A.D.

The Governor's House

Turret and Union Jack

Art meets Craftsmanship

Even the rain gutters are works of art

Argyle Battery

Mons Meg

This siege cannon was, in its day, THE Doomsday Machine.

Laurie likes guys in uniform

I'll have to keep my eye on her!

William Wallace

Is that a bolt of lightening coming out of his arse?

Guarding the Scottish War Memorial

I've got to watch her like a hawk!



and MORE kilts!

As I've stated before, I love . . .

. . . Great Britain's . . .

. . . pub . . .

. . . sign . . .

. . . art A LOT!

We had lunch in the Deacon Brodie Pub

Click on this picture, the Deacon's is an interesting story.


Hey, I've eaten a spleen sandwich and octopus heads since I was last in California, might as well go for the European culinary tri-fecta.


Flowers through the Deacon Brodie's window

Live Music from the Castle

We are on board the train from Edinburgh to York as I post this thanks to free WiFi on board.

The Scottish countryside needs to be seen to be believed. So beautiful and so tranquil.

The train is a GREAT way to see it for the first time.

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