Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oxnard Salsa Festival

Just when you thought that life could not get any better, it was time for the annual Oxnard Salsa Festival. This promised to be a juxtapositioning of crafts, renewed friendships, food and, of course, salsa!

A Two Day Affair

I figured I was good for only one day so I joined Brian and Koreen FitzGerald on Saturday while Laurie decided to sit this one out for two reasons. One, she wanted to keep cleaning up the house for Mike and Vanessa's upcoming wedding and two, she does not do spicy foods very well.

Habanero Salsa has been known to cause self-combustion!

No sense taking any chances.

Let the Food Orgy Begin!

Cool T-Shirts

Salsa Dance Contest

That's Rio Mesa High School's Chemistry teacher Annie Marostica in the green top.

At St. Francis H.S. where I went to school in the early 1960's, our Chemistry teacher was Father Lawrence who looked nothing like Annie.

We hook up with Rick and Linda Torres

As they munch away, Koreen on the left and Brian on the right share a moment between bites with Rick in black and Linda in gray.

Rick is a long time Health teacher and Cross Country, Soccer and Track coach at Rio Mesa while Linda also works at the home of the Spartans as an interpretor for deaf students.

Katy FitzGerald
What little girl does not love horses?

Katy is the yougest of Tom FitzGerald's three children. Tom is Brian's brother and is a Science teacher at Rio Mesa.


$5 gets you a large bag of totilla chips and ten tickets to try ten different salsas of your choice from mild to mediun to hot to DAMN!!!


Normally you get salsa in the small white cups you see on the right but we scored a BIG hot salsa bowl because the owners of Cabo Mexican Restaurant, the Spink family, had kids go through Rio Mesa.

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy specializes in Habanero salsa.

The Spinks of Cabo Restaurant Fame

Their range of salsas go from mild on the near end of the table to steaming at the far end.

Good times at the festival with just the right mixture of salsa strengths to be able to enjoy the afternoon.

Ben Todd and Mike

Ben is one of the bright young teaching beacons at Rio Mesa and a good friend of our family. We invited him to join us for a small backyard BBQ Saturday night.

Vanessa and Laurie's cat Bridget

Camarillo Sunrise on Sunday

Mike and I were on our way to 6:30 a.m. Mass at. . .

Camarillo's St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church

Old by California standards, its doors first opened on July 1, 1913!

We spent Sunday afternoon watching Inter Milan beat AC Milan 2-0 in an overseas Milan Derby from Foxboro, Massachusetts.

It was a good weekend in Ventura County.


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