Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 174 in London

Well, today was the 174th and final full day for us in Europe so we planned on a full day in London with the Johnson family.

We take a British Airways flight on Wednesday morning to Los Angeles where our good friends

Brian and

Koreen FitzGerald will be waiting at the airport to drive us home.

The Changing of the Guard
at Buckingham Palace

First up on the agenda was this traditional English military pageantry.

Picking the right observation point

The Queen Victoria Monument across the street was the perfect high ground to watch all of the action.

They marched in. . .

. . . they rode in. . .

. . . and they milled about.

I'm glad we saw this for the first time. It was interesting but I don't think I'll be returning any time soon. From here it was time to do a little walking to see what we could find.

This might be the best budget airline in the world.

Doesn't matter, I'm not buying.

The Burlington Arcade

Built in 1819, this is London's most exclusive shopping area!

At the Burlington Arcade you can find high end jewelry. . .

. . . GREAT shoes. . .

. . . and even more jewels.

Hamleys Toy Store

The biggest one in England, it was hectic.

Heraldry Trifecta

We take the Heathrow Express near this pub to the airport.


We stopped here for a pint and some sustenance.

Near Trafalgar Square

Camden Town

Eclectic to say the least. Lots of fun here!

The Camden Locks

These locks are part of a fine canal system that runs through parts of London.

Just a nice tree in Camden Town

We took a canal boat trip

We saw hundreds of these canal houseboats. Many were colorful like this one, others not so hot.


A MIRACLE breakthrough in English dentistry.

Mallory and Sophie with one of the
Trafalgar Square Lions

Big Ben in the distance

Sophie's shot of the flags hanging at the Canadian Embassy.

St. Martin's Church

Covent Garden

One last Johnson Family Portrait before we said good-bye.

Laurie and her love of flowers

The Changing of the Guard
at Buckingham Place

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