Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Quiet Tuesday

After all the running around of the last two weeks, it was nice to have a relatively quiet day on Tuesday.

Good-Bye Mike

The first order of business was getting to our respective airports after saying our good-byes.  As you can probably tell, Laurie was not too happy at this point.

Neither was I.

I miss our two boys very much and being away from them and Jenn and Vanessa is a definite drawback of this adventure.

A smooth subway ride, transfer to a bus and Wind Jet flight to Catania got us back to Malibu by 1:00 p.m. 

HUGE Thunderhead at the Catania Airport

I thought we would be in for one of those great thunder and lightening storms that I love in the late afternoon but it never happened.

Our DVD session Tuesday night drew a sparse crowd, only 10 players were in attendance. . . and the beat goes on. . .

Laurie was pressed into emergency duty as our filmer last Sunday and did a GREAT job except for the Third Quarter when she made the inexplicable mistake of filming the huddles and pausing the camera during the plays.  Thanks for the overall effort Laurie, I attribute the mistake to heat related issues.


Il Capo said...

That is San Bartolomeo Scorticato statue... should I explain what scorticato means?

George said...


OK, what does Scorticato mean?

DPLassen said...

I'm thinking you didn't really want to watch the third quarter again anyway.

Andrew said...

Both Jenn and I miss both of you as well. I need to get back to the links and play some golf with you. But we are both glad you Both are having fun.