Friday, May 1, 2009


They told us about a month ago over dinner and asked us to keep it a secret and we did.  Today we were given the go ahead to announce it on the blog...

Peppe and Valeria are engaged to be married in June of 2010!

All we can say is YAHOO!  We are so happy for the two of them!!!

By the way, cool hat Peppe.


Joe said...

George, I knew you saved one of my hats.

itzbfitz said...

Congratulations to Peppe and Valeria from Brian and Koreen! Come back and visit us in California.

mdantuono said...

Their extended pasadena Family wishes them all the best. D'Antuono's

Anonymous said...

Peppe and Valeria,

Great news!! Congratulations! All of your friends in Seattle, Washington wish you all of the best. We hope that you will come back to visit us.

Glad to see that you are wearing your Washington Husky hat.

Mark, Susie, Sophie and Mallory Johnson