Sunday, May 10, 2009

David and Gayle Arrive in Catania

With my buddies waiting at Catania's International Airport

"The Band, El Roy, The Band..."

There they are! 

Gayle and David's plane was only 90 minutes late!

Father - Son bonding moment at our walk-through practice Saturday.

WR Salvo Persano and his son Riccardo.

Dress Sharp, Practice Sharp

WRs Gregorio Barbagallo and Salvo Persano enjoty the moment.

While Riccardo and the team stretch, Frederico Gulisano plays in the dirt.

Lucki without a helmet. . . NO BRAIN, NO PAIN?

Gayle and David at their Baia Verde Hotel room.

The gang atop Malibu

Wine, Laurie and Gayle. . . a winning combination!

Getting updates on the fires in Santa Barbara

Chris and Linda joined us, we were all concerned about the huge wildfire back home.

Lots of funny stories at Pellegrino's Pizzeria in Aci Trezza.

We had a great evening with everyone as we prepare to play the Parma Panthers on Sunday.

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