Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lazy Day at Malibu

Still recovering from all of the activity of the last two weeks, we opted to walk down to Aci Trezza and veg out by the Ionian Sea for a few hours.

A Typical Sicilian Lido

Since Aci Trezza is a volcanic rock beach, industrious mini-capitalists build these lidos over the rocks to entice sun-worshippers.  This one cost us 5 Euros per person plus another 3 Euros to use the umbrella.

It was worth it.

The Crystal Clear Ionian Sea

Cooling off on a Hot Day

A good book, a little sun, a refreshing dip in the sea. . .

For Free You Can Lay on the Rocks

If you are with your girlfriend it probably would be GREAT!

Practice in the evening with the Juniors was a good one.  About 25 young and eager players showed up for the one hour workout.  They will put on pads the second week of June.  It should be entertaining.

The ensuing Elephant practice was disappointing to say the least.  Only 14 players bothered to show up.  The ones who came practiced hard with a great attitude.

I must mention again the tremendous leadership that Dr. Salvo Sicali has given the defense this year fropm his LB spot.  Again last night he was having fun competing in 1-on-1 drills with our receivers.  Along those same lines, our senior Elephant, WR/QB/LB/SS/KR Lucki Camarda, was an inspiration to our offensive players as usual.

One of our contributing factors to the low attendance may have been the the Champions League Final Game.  It was played in Roma this evening between defending champion Manchester United and Barcelona.

Barcelona prevailed 2-0.

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