Thursday, May 7, 2009


The last stop of our long weekend was Padova (Padua) home of St. Anthony and the University of Padova that hosted Galileo, Copernicus, Dante and Petrarch (no, NOT Petrich).  Our main goal here was a visit to the Scrovegni Chapel and it's renowned frescoes by Giotto.

Pleasant Pathway

We had a nice walk into the old center of Padua from our hotel, passing by many college students on their way to class.

Padua's architecture is pleasing to the eye.

In keeping with Giotto, we opted to eat breakfast al fresco.

Cool Shields on the Chiesa Ermitage

The Winged Lion indicates Venice's four centuies of domination over Padua.

Chiesa Ermitage has some nice artwork as well. . .

. . . nice frescoes too

Linens in an outdoor marketplace. . .

. . . with fruit stands too.

Meat IS one of the four basic food groups.

In the café where we had our morning cappuccino, we finally discovered the legal drinking age, 16!

More Medieval Architecture

An Active Lady from Padua

The Venetian Winged Lion Yet Again!

It looks like the 100th annual Giro d'Italia bike race is coming to Padua.

Dick Bellman, are you up to the challenge?

The Scrovegni Chapel

This chapel is wallpapered with 40 frescoes that Giotto di Bondone painted in just two years between 1303 and 1305.  The chapel was built because of guilt over white collar crimes.

Reginaldo degli Scrovegni was a notorius loan shark who charged incredible interest rates which was forbidden by the Catholic Church in those days.  Dante even placed him by name in one of his circles of Hell in his Inferno.  When Reginaldo died the Catholic Church denied him a Christian burial.

Reginaldo's son Enrico then had this chapel built to try to buy forgiveness for his father's sins.

The Chapel's grounds are very peaceful.

Only 25 people are allowed to enter the Scrovegni Chapel at a time and you only get to stay 15 minutes.  No photos are allowed and I complied.  The following photos, from a Google search, were taken by sinners who will rot in about the third circle of Hell I would imagine.

The Scrovegni Chapel

Enrico Scrovegni, wearing a penitant's violet robe, offering the Chapel in exchange for forgiveness.

Judas, wearing a yellow cloak symbolizing envy, betrays Christ with a kiss.

One of the vices, I'm not sure which one but I promise not to do it again.

The Men's Toilette on the Scrovegni Chapel grounds

This outrage alone should put the entire Scrovegni Family back into the Second Circle of Hell in my opinion.

"Be careful or you'll poke an eye out!"

From here we drove back to Forlí to pick up Paul and fly back to Catania for our weekly DVD session with the Elephants.  The three and a half day road trip was fun and a great mental health break.

Now it is back to work as we prepare to take on the traditional IFL powerhouse Parma Panthers on Sunday at home.

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