Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Practice of the 2009 Season

Saturday saw the Elephants gather for the last practice of the 2009 season.  A typical light pre-game walk-through practice saw 30 Elephants in attendance, our best by far this week.

Paul Petrich organizing the Scout Team Defense

Alessio D'Arpa, sans casco, leading through the hole

Andrea Specchiarello, blocking on the right, is the very soul of Sicilian fashion in his chic black T-shirt.

Outside Linebackers taking a few plays off

Gianmarco Pecoraro and Dr. Salvo Sicali

La Passeggiata

After practice we bought food home to eat and then Laurie and I participated in Italy's favorite early evening pastime, La Passeggiata.  This is the Italian phrase for a promenade, a chance to see and be seen.  We mostly wanted to get a little exercise, some fresh air and people watch.

So what did we see in Aci Trezza?

A bar selling cool drinks, many non-alcoholic 

Boats moored off shore signaling that summer is here.

Volcanic Rocks

A Lido

Another cool street bar

Two dry docked ships

One about ready to be relaunched, one with a ways to go.

A gathering of the locals, I wonder why?

Vote for Paolo Castorina for Sindaco

The gathering was a political rally for Paolo Castorina who is running for Mayor (Sindaco) of Aci Trezza in next week's elections.

I liked what he had to say and plan to cast at least three votes for him myself.

Last game of our 2009 season is tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. at CUS vs. the 6-2, playoff bound, second place Lazio Marines.


Joe Zaccheo said...

Have really enjoyed your blog this year. Good luck tomorrow, hope you can end the season on a good note

George said...

Thanks, a win would be great!

George said...


I just read about your desire to coach football in Italy on your blog info. Contact me at if you want to talk about particulars.

Good luck to you, you'll really enjoy the experience.


DPLassen said...

Congratulations on closing out on a winning note. Look forward to hearing the details.