Thursday, May 14, 2009

Heather Linderman Ad of the Day Contest

Three choices for you today.

TTT Lines Ad, be sure to click on it before voting.

Found at the Catania Airport, the TTT Lines are trying to give you a reason to take their overnight ferry from Naples to Catania instead of flying.

Would you vote for Ciccioo for Mayor of Siracusa?

This can not possibly be real.

She seems SO happy about InterTenda's new showroom.


DPLassen said...

Is that the same ferry line that gave us last year's "two volcanos" nominee?

When I took the ferry from Greece to Bari in 2004, the passengers didn't quite look like that.

George said...

One and the same!

Dick Bellman said...

I didn't used to think that advertising had much effect on my purchasing. However, I now know that I would much rather take the ferry than fly. Thanks for the heads up about clicking on the ad.

George said...

It ALWAYS pays to advertise!