Saturday, May 16, 2009

Book Review

The Monster of Florence
A True Story
Douglas Preston with Mario Spezio

This book was sent to us by Mike and Sue D'Antuono, our semi-Sicilian friends from Altadena, California.  Mike has Sicilian blood in him with his family roots in Caltanissetta.

It is the story of Italy's most infamous serial killer who has, to date, never been caught although not for lack of trying or judicial shenanigans.  The Monster ritually murdered seven pairs of young lovers between September, 1974 and September, 1985 in the areas surrounding one of the great tourist destinations in Europe, beautiful Florence.  He is believed by some to also be involved with an eighth pair of dead lovers in August, 1968 bringing his body count to as high as 16 people! 

If you like true crime stories and strange police work, this book is for you.  The prosecutor in this case is not painted very well and is the same one presiding over the current Amanda Knox murder trial in Perugia.

Besides the fascinating crime story, Preston gives some great insights into finding out why Italy is Italy.

It's a GOOD addition to your summer reading list.

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