Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Of Denver, Paul and Mike

A very interesting couple of days in Catania as Denver Wade moved into Malibu, Paul Petrich got hit by a car on one of his walks and our son Michael arrived for a one week stay.

Welcome to Malibu Dinner for Denver

Denver's semester abroad program ended last week and his last day in his dorm was Saturday.  He plans on staying here until returning to his family home in San Francisco about June 7th.

We made him a spaghetti dinner starting with this atomic radiated red pepper.

Spaghetti Sauce ala Cubana

It was as good as it looked.

Paul vs. This Car

On Monday at about 9:30 a.m. Paul decided to go on one of his walks.  At the base of our hill, he used the green light of the crosswalk to "safely" cross the main coastal road, Via Livorno.  As a car was turning left into our street, this black Toyota decided to go around the turning car and not honor his red light thus hitting Paul and making him go airborn for about 20 feet (he would later downgrade his flight to a mere 15 feet).

Using the incredible Judo skills that he honed 50 years ago as a student-athlete on the National Champion San Jose State University Judo team, he used a "judo flop" to land on the asphalt properly and minimize the damage.

He actually took this picture and several others after being hit.  Note the dust on the hood in front of the driver has been wiped away by Paul's signature Hawaiian shirt just before he was launched.

The man who hit Paul drove him to the Acireale Hospital and waited with him to be sure that he was O.K.

The Emergency Entrance

I arrived just as Paul was being whisked away to the X-ray room to check out the damage to his left foot.  He only had a few minor scrapes on his elbow and back, amazingly his Hawaiian shirt suffered no damage.

Paul found out that the man who hit him is a plumber and got him to tell him a way for someone to pick up our old broken water heater and recycle it.  When he told me this I figured that Paul was either perfectly OK or delirious.

A Hairline Fracture of a Metataursal

After waiting four plus hours for a doctor to finally decide what to do, cast or boot, Paul fatefully placed his three X-rays on the floor next to the wall.

Where Did They Go?
Where is Flat Stanley when you need him?

At this point, Paul's karma interceeded and all three X-rays went down this infinitessmally small seam in the wall never to be seen again.

Paul was positive that this happens all the time and that there was probably all sorts of money down this same gap as well.

When the 35 year old-ish, attractive, blond, female doctor arrived, I asked her about it and she informed me that no, this was the first time anyone has ever lost anything down this gap.

Paul then wanted me to take a picture of the doctor (NO!) and then he asked me to ask her if she was married (@#&% NO!).  At one point Paul alluded to the idea that this whole accident may have been somehow been pre-ordained by the Fates so that he could meet the doctor. . . I tend to doubt it. 

BOTTOM LINE:  The doctor could do nothing without seeing the missing X-rays so she said we would need to start the whole process over again.  We decided to see our team doctors on Tuesday morning and start over with them.

Paul back at Malibu resting his elevated foot.

Michael Contreras arrives in Catania on Monday.

He came in from London where he saw a Chelsea 2-0 English Premier League victory over Blackburn.  He was still buzzing about the experience of a soccer lifetime!

Mike's first granite at Etoile d'Or

Mandorla and chocolate was the call.

Juniors practice at CUS

We were going to practice on the side mini-calcio field but I thought you might like to see the Catania University students out on a splendid evening working on their physical fitness.

I was almost inspired to join them.

Mike stepped in to help Andrea Maninno coach the wide receivers.

Cool Shoes

Fashion sense reigns supreme at any Juniors practice.

Mike decides to run for office in Aci Castello.

On our way to Jonica's Pizzeria for dinner, we found this campaign poster of Mike.

Mike faces strong opposition from this Mussolini fellow.

Tuesday we started Paul's whole hospital experience over again.

Gustavo had strict instructions to NOT let Paul handle any paperwork or especially X-rays!

Fashion sense is not exclusive to the Junior team!

After a paltry three hours and 45 minutes, Paul was released from the Vittorio Emanuele Hospital in downtown Catania.  No cast was deemed necessary.  His options were either an orthopedic walking boot or to wear his brand new hiking boots.  He will opt for the hiking boots I'm sure.

No walking marathons, hiking up Mt. Etna or snorkeling is allowed for 35 days.  These restrictions will make for a tough month for Paul to say the least.

All kidding aside, we are thankful that Paul is basically fine, it could have been MUCH worse!


DPLassen said...

Glad that Paul is fine ... and wonder, if the car had been a Cinquecento, if he would have been fine and the car would have been totalled.

Had this happened in the L.A. area, of course, the car would most likely have been a Hummer or some other massive SUV and things might not have gone so well.

Anonymous said...

Take care of my fiance George!

George said...

I'm trying but it is NOT easy!