Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Milan Rhinos Game

2 Wins - 5 Losses


Rhinos Milan
3 Wins - 4 Losses

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday morning, it was up bright and early to take a 7:10 a.m. Wind Jet flight from Catania to Parma.  After arriving in what I have declared to be the Cheese Capital of the Known Universe, we boarded a nice recliner bus for the 90 minute ride to Milan.

A polite group of Elephants trying to stay inside the lines.

Claudio, Peppe and Mike having a bonding moment.

That hat looks good on you Mike.  Why are they wearing sweatshirts in 90˚ heat?

Three Rookies share a moment as well.

DE Davide Nasisi, LB Rosario Costantino and CB Riccardo Conticelli
". . . Reved Up Like a Duece, Another Runner in the Night. . ."

At our traditional Autogrille stop for a smoke and some grub on the way to the game, we had a guy roll into the parking lot in a Ford Duece Coupe.  I would say it dates from the late 1930's.

It even sported a vintage 1951 California license plate.

At the Autogrille, Mike discovered Italian Fig Newtons.

For the younger female blog readers.

We found this car next to Milan's home stadium, the Velodromo Vigorelli.

Finding the city of Milan was easy, finding the Velodromo proved much harder for a simple reason.  The bus driver literally had NO CLUE where the Velodromo was located and only grudgingly turned on his GPS after finally admitting, after about 20 minutes of meandering about, that he was indeed lost!

We finally arrived at the Velodromo and for the second straight year we found no one present to let us in for over one hour.  We waited on the side walk in intense mid-90˚ heat combined with about 2152% humidity!

During the wait we found a nearby store that sold us nine cases of small bottles of water at eye gouging prices to use for the game! 

It was a good thing that we did because all that Milan provided us to combat the heat was one bucket of water, PERIOD. 

Mike, a Beatles fan, was excited to see this plaque in the Velodromo commemorating their concert here on June 24, 1965.

Sharing a shady moment before the game.

Elephant Brain Trust

A Milan Rhino Linebacker before the kickoff.

Elephant Offense

Elephant Defense


Milan takes the opening kickoff and drives down the field capping their drive with a 2 yard TD run.  The PAT is good, Rhinos lead 7-0.

Catania responds with a good drive as well with Larry Atkinson toting the pigskin into the end zone from 2 yards out.  The Elephant's long snapper is hurt on the TD run so we go for the 2 point PAT.  The pass falls incomplete, Rhinos still lead 7-6.

The Rhinos' drive that started in the first quarter ends with a 20 yard TD run, PAT is good, Milan goes ahead 14-6.

Catania is forced to punt.

Milan explodes for a 55 yard TD run, the PAT is perfect, Milan is up 21-6.

Catania has a broken play that results in an errant cross field lateral that rolls to the 10 yard line where the Rhinos recover the fumble.

Milan adds a 10 yard TD pass and another PAT to extend their lead to 28-6.

Catania has a pass intercepted.

The Rhinos punch the ball in from a yard out, PAT is good, Rhinos in command 35-6.

The Elephants' offense shows some mental toughness as we score on a 10 yard TD pass from Arturo Sanchez to Claudio Mangano as the half expires.  Claudio also catches Arturo's 2 point PAT pass to close the gap to a Rhinos 35-14 advantage at the half.

The Elephants great drive ends with a 1 yard TD pass from Sanchez to Taber LeMarr.  Andrea Mannino kicks the PAT, Rhinos' lead is now 35-21.  Good for Taber, as his parents and sister were here for the game.

Interesting Side Note:  On this last Elephant drive, WR Claudio Mangano, who had a great game, ran by the sideline and yelled "George, I have a problem!"  What now?  "My shoe just melted!"  The ancient Astroturf, that the Beatles may have played on, was so hot that the top of his shoes literally melted away from the sole from his toes to mid-arch!!!  Mike got the key to the locker room, raced in and got another pair of shoes out of Claudio's bag.  Claudio never came out of the game and switched shoes during the next Elephant defensive series. 

Another TD run from 35 yards out and a PAT makes it 42-21 Rhinos.

Catania punts.

Milan's drive, that started in the third quarter, ends with a 40 yard TD pass, PAT is good, Milan cruising 49-21.

The Catania offense continues to battle with Arturo hitting TE Peppe Strano on a 3 yard TD pass, Mannino's kick is good, Milan's lead is now 49-28.

The Rhinos run out the game clock and take home a 49-28 win.

This was a very disappointing effort by our defense to say the least, especially in light of how well we played in our last two games, both victories.

We will finish our season against the 6-2, playoff bound, Lazio Marines next Sunday at home.


DPLassen said...

Wisconsin called. It takes great offense at your "cheese capital" comment.

Oh, and those shoes that melted? Please tell us what brand. I want to make sure to avoid them.

George said...

PARMESANO REGGIANO! The defense rests.

I'm still checking on the shoes.

George said...

The melting shoes were Nikes.