Monday, May 11, 2009

Post Game Reverie

After the BIG Parma win, we had to celebrate so we all went back to Malibu and had a nice platter of Reggiano Parmesano cheese, salami and prosciutto and some vino bianco as we rehashed the game.  We also Skyped  every mother we know in America to give them our Mother's Day best.

From there it was on to Aci Castello for dinner at Jonica's Pizzeria.

Etoile d'Or

After devouring our pizzas, we decided to go into Catania to get dolce at the Etoile d'Or.  Davide opted for the Mandorino gelato and then shared two little chocolate cannoli with Gayle.

Laurie had her cafe and we shared two mini eclairs.

Victory is indeed sweet.

The Fondo Bianco

After the delicious dolce, we took the quick tour of the lower Via Etnea area hitting Piazza Duomo and Piazza Universita before going over to Piazza Bellini and it's Bellini Opera House.

We turned the corner on our way back to our car and suddenly found ourselves at the Fondo Bianco, the Catania Elephants Official Team Bar.

Of course, Attilio, the bar's owner, was excited to hear about our win and instantly four shots appeared on the bar for us.

Thinking About It

While David had no qualms about the shot, Gayle did. She is not a big drinker to begin with and claims to have not taken a shot in over 30 years!


An Elephant victory plus the Fondo Bianco can always be a dangerous combination.

In her defense, Gayle only had this one shot.

We ended the evening early as Monday will be a full tourism day with stops in Taormina and the Gambino Winery leading the list of things to do.

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