Sunday, May 17, 2009

Elephants Panella and Crocché Party

Saturday morning we arose one last time in Lipari to enjoy a final cornetto and cappuccino on Via Vittorio Emanuele.  As usual in any Sicilian town's main street, people watching is an added bonus.

A dashing priest on his way to market.

Our hydrofoil arrives to whisk us back to Milazzo.

I kind of liked the interesting black tire-festooned bumper that the hydrofoil would eventually ram a few times.

The one hour trip back to the big island that is Sicily was VERY bouncy as the god Eole decided to exercise his lungs to the fullest!

At 3:00 p.m. we had our first practice for the upcoming game in Milan vs. the Rhinos on Sunday, May 24th.  We had a good turnout, worked on fundamentals and installed our basic game plan.

After practice, Denver Wade officially moved into Malibu as his semester abroad program came to an end and he now had to leave his dormitory in downtown Catania.  He will stay with us for about three weeks to finish the fine job he is doing coaching our offensive line.  Our season ends two weeks from today with a home game against the high flying Lazio Marines and then he will spend a final week enjoying Sicily before returning to San Francisco.

In the evening we were summoned to San Venerina for the Elephants' first ever  "Panella e Crocché Party".

Elephant Right Tackle Tony LoGrande
a.k.a. "Tonno"

The party was set in Tonno's home which was spacious and had a large patio and garden area that easily hosted the large crowd assembled.

On the e-mail invitation Tony was credited for supplying beer, vino di Paisi, the very popular mojito corner and the music via IPod!

Elephant Left Tackle Andrea Specchiarello
a.k.a. "WCE 63"

Andrea's job was to deep fry the Panella.


Elephant Left Guard Alessio D'Arpa
a.k.a. "WCE 57"

Here, Alessio tends to his job deep frying Criocché.

What exactly is Panella e Criocché?

They are both fried so that moves them to the head of my food list.  

They are both tasty Sicilian finger food cuisine that has been made since the Middle Ages. 

The Panella, the finished yellow squares on the right of this picture, is a Sicilian finger food that are flat fried cakes made from finely ground flour of ceci and some chopped parsley.  Ceci are chickpeas or what is also referred to in Spanish as garbanzos.  They are rich in zinc and iron.

Criocché, a whole bunch of it waiting to be fried below Andrea's hand, are simple potato croquets.  They are rich in starch.

Technique is a MUST!

There is an order to life in Sicily, the eating of Panella e Criocché being no different.

First you grab a fresh roll and open it in half for the impending paninno.  Then by hand scoop out the inner core of the roll to create a bed for the traditional two Crecché to rest.  Add two slices of Panella.  Take a fresh lemon and liberally squeeze it's juice onto the Panella and voilà, you're in Hog Heaven!

Another Happy Satisfied Customer!

"Take ten paces, turn and fire at will."

Robert Paderni, a.k.a., "WCE 34" challenged me to a duel.

Chicks DIG Chefs!!!

Federica, Ika and Laurie

When these three get together the fun begins.

"Can I taste your Coke?"

Paul's entry into the cuccina always draws mixed reactions.

Andrea looks on as Alessio and Paul share a moment.

Pony reacts to the news that Ika wants to get pregnant again.

Simone and Ruggero playing their own version of "Sicily Hold 'em".

Don't let the eyes fool you.

It turns out that Ruggero is a card shark of the first order!!!

Every Man Has a Dream

Here Giulio gets to actually live his!!!

Alessandra and Davide Leotta

Fabio Scuto. . . WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

In Tony's study I found a copy of
John Grisham's "il Professionista"

In English this book is titled "Playing for Pizza" and yes, I have read it.


Lucki's reaction after his wife Federica tells him how much money their son Simone, behind him, has just lost to Pony and Ika's boy, Ruggero, playing cards.

Dessert Table

Just when you thought you could not eat anymore food until June.

One last shot with the REAL WCEs and a couple of wannabes.

One last BIG "Thank You" to Tonno for his hospitality and to Andrea and Alessio for their cooking.  Every one had a GREAT time because of their efforts!


DPLassen said...

So did you see who Jason's team faces next in the Eurobowl tournament? None other than ... the Porvoo Butchers!

George said...

I saw that, should be interesting.