Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Long Saturday

Sorry to have not blogged for a few days.  Lots going on and VERY limited internet access.  I'll try to do some serious catching-up in the next 24 hours.

We'll start with the events of last Saturday that were punctuated by trying to show Mike as much as possible of Sicily in his last day on the island.

The morning started with the 30 minute drive north to Taormina where. . .

. . . we saw these three ladies solving the world's problems.

Beer and gnomes -- how can you top that?

Cappuccino and Cornetto -- GOOD TIMES INDEED!

Life is in the small details

Brian FitzGerald, this one's for you!

Madonna and Child

The latest in Jet Set Men's Fashion for the Summer.

Cool Italian Scarp, ONLY 270 Euros!

Good desserts are always a sight to behold!

Bargains Everywhere

A Benito Mussolini Apron is a MUST buy item!


"Pericolo di Morte"

This translates to "Danger of death".  I'm not sure if they are talking about the scooter, but they should.

View of Mt. Etna from Taormina's Greek Theater

The view of Letojanni's beach

A Piaggio turned into a flower pot?

Mike reflects for a moment.

Padre Pio still climbing in all of the religious polls in Italy!

Mike's first experience with blood orange gelato in a brioche in Taormina.

Eat your heart out J Twice.

Real lemons on display

I mean the fruits, not us.

Gambino Winery

Hot and hungry, we headed to our favorite wine tasting experience.

Great Antipasto

Cousin Harris tries the delicious lard that Gambino offers.

Mike tried it and liked it enough to have seconds.
What the Hell?

3:00 p.m. signaled the start of another pre-game walk-through practice for the Elephants.

Arturo launces a deep one

Paul setting up the Scout Defense

Our practice field is the best it has looked all season.

Laurie had the team pose for a "Beef Cake" photo.

Enrico's dog Chico an instant before biting Free Safety Christian Di Mauro, in the gray shorts, in the butt.

Federica Camarda

Lucki is Federica's husband and MUCH better half!  Here she is at Pony and Ika's helping to set up for dinner.

In the evening we were invited to two separate functions, a BBQ at Chritian Di Mauro's and dinner at Ika and Pony Gulisano's home.

We went to Christian's for about an hour before going to the Gulisano's.

Unfortunately the players kidnapped Michael and we think they were hiding him somewhere in Christian's home before forcing us to go to our next engagement.

Lasagna and Couscous

Let the feast begin!  Ika cooked up all sorts of GREAT typically Sicilian dishes for us.  Each one was fantastic!!!

My very own MAN-SIZED dish of spaghetti al nero.

Laurie said I had to share.

Delicious Sardine Dish

Unfortunately, Paul opted to stay home to rest his broken foot and missed out big time!

Pony and Ruggero

Pony does NOT eat spaghetti al nero.

Can't you tell by his look of disgust as I "Power Eat"? 

Alessandro, Daniela and Davide Giuliano

Following in Silvio Berlusconi's footsteps, Davide will someday be both the owner of major sports team, the Elephants, and the Italian Prime Minister.

Lucki says it is never to soon for Frederico to start working on his neck!

Two Young Guns

For the two youngest Gulisano boys a skull and crossbones seems about right.

Ika and Laurie sharing a moment.

Great hosts and a very fun home!

How can a girl ever say no to this smile?

Alessandro calls it a night!

So did we, as we had an early morning flight to catch Sunday to play our game in Milan vs. the Rhinos.

Laurie Says:  It was so very wonderful having Michael visit and sharing our Sicily with him.  We sincerely hope he enjoyed being here as much as we enjoyed his visit.  Thank you to all of the Elephants who welcomed Michael into the family.  

P.S.  I do wish the picture of 'Madonna and Child' had been better.

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