Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Forza Catania and Jonathan's

After getting Paul back to Malibu for some rest, we drove into Catania to see the important sights like. . .

Forza Catania's Stadio A. Massimino

A nice pitch don't you think?

Ultras Curva Nord

This is where the action is on game days!  These are the exact seats that Matt Epperson and I occupied last year for the Udinese game.


As you can probably tell, we also stopped at Catania Point, the team store that sells everything remotely connected to Forza Catania calcio like long sleeved red shirts.

After our Tuesday night DVD session with the team as we prepare for the Milan game Sunday, it was off to dinner at Jonathan's.  Mike seemed happy with his cipollata panino. 

Gustavo holding court at Jonathan's

Defenders of the Contreras Holy Grail

Vote Communist
Fidel would be so proud!


DPLassen said...

That last picture should be a great help if you decide to coach in the Russian Football League next year.

George said...

You've nearly discovered my Five Year Plan!

Actually the goal is a team in La Habana someday.

DPLassen said...

Better brush up on your baseball coaching, then.

George said...

Take two and hit to right!

Anonymous said...

I love all the father/son bonding time you guys are getting. Honestly George... Michael is your mini me...aside from following in your footsteps...he is really starting to resemble you! You know you see it! =)

George said...

Too skinny