Monday, January 12, 2015

Tenth Annual Juan José Barceló Flag Football Memorial Tournament

Sunday, 11 January, 2015:

A busy day . . .

Lunch Date with, L. to. R.,
Immaculata Belén, Roberto,
David and Rocío (La Reina)

While the morning was dedicated to a bit of housecleaning and some laundry, the afternoon and evening were going to be all about the Cobras.

First up was another fantastic meal at the home of the Cobras' cornerstone lineman Roberto Dúran and his wife Immaculata Belén's home.

The gateway to Finca Dúran is located just 100 meters from La Hacienda. We are all three thus considered to be wealthy landowners on Murcia's Huerta.

We were joined by Roberto's brother David and his bride Rocío who is commonly referred to as La Reina by Murcians.

The food was delicious, the beverages refreshing and the dessert sinful but it was the interesting and fun discussions around the lunch table that were the best part of the meal for me.

You have to be in España but when it comes to this ongoing El Pequeño Nicolás scandal . . . interesting.

Our great meal/social gathering had to be cut short because we had a Flag Football Tournament to attend.

The Tenth Annual Juan José Barceló
Memorial Flag Football Tournament

We drove about 20 minutes to the Murcian suburb of Beniaján as the Cobras were hosting a ten team flag football tournament in memory of Juan José Barceló, a former Cobra player who died in a car crash a decade ago.

First, Second and Third Place Trophies
Offensive and Defensive MVP hardware

QB Rafa Manzano warming-up
his magic arm

Many of the ten teams were made up of current and former Cobras. Rafa is not playing this year but is still involved as our Junior team's Offensive Coordinator.

Teams Warming-Up

No dirt today, we played on an artificial surface.

While most teams were made up of teenagers and/or adults, the Molina Vipers were represented by a team of grade schoolers. It was great to see these youngsters playing and to see how their effort was accepted by the veterans.

A lot of long retired Cobras came back to play today in honor of their fallen comrade.

Jesus Clemente doing the welcoming
and going over the rules

The tournament was scheduled to start at 3:00 p.m. sharp.

Jesus' talk started at 3:40 p.m.

Just go with it, you're living in Spain . . . .

To sum up the rules:
1. We are playing on two small fields
2. Five players on the field for each team
3. Twenty minute, running clock games

The concept of "running clock" was an issue in round one.

Courier looking sharp for the team
calling itself "The Little Monkeys"

An homage to Howard Cossell?

DB Victor and WR Alberto

Two really good current Cobra linemen disguised today as defensive backs and receivers.

Victor may be guilty of defensive holding here.

Slimming Officials Vest

OG Alberto makes a grab

Junior tean Center Fernando for SIX!!!

Victor has HOPS!!!

I heard some yelling from behind the wall of our stadium so I took a peek. It was just . . .

A Soccer Argument

Complete with the
Mandated Hand Gestures

Wait, American football got the turf field while fútbol was playing on AstroDirt?

This IS a big day in Beniaján!

Pablo Serrano on the "tackle"

And, later, Serrano for SIX!!!

TD Tanque Gil

Tanque is normally our Senior team Center and Junior team Head Coach. He looked fast today.

Of course, I'm due for eye surgery when I return to California. 

Jesus Clemente on one of his
numerous TD plays

Our team in black was the Cobras' beast group of players and the heavy favorites to win the tournament.

Kiki is a very sneaky DB that made
a lot of plays today

Roberto Dúran going out for a pass

He was open.

Pablo Serrano about to score again

By the way, has anybody seen the Viper team's Head Coach?

Oh, there he is

Nice Grab

A Youth on the way for a TD

Maria and Tanque
A Cute Couple

They were both happy as Tanque had scored yet another TD in the previous game.

Night Games

It took a long time and thankfully the well stocked snack bar was open until after the tournament concluded at 9:00 p.m.

The Final Four Teams

Second Place Little Monkeys

Champion Cobras

Tournament MVPs
Amorós - Defense and Mini-Q - Offense

No full names are used here for fear of Interpol's intervention.

On Monday night both of these good players will be back grinding it out on AstroDirt as Cobras teammates.

Another good day in España!!!


Olivier R said...

El Pequeno Nicolas scandal? Looks like a story about our old President Sarkozy!

David said...

You keep referencing AstroDirt, but I'm wondering if it might not be the archrival FieldDirt.

George said...

Olivier, classic Euro politics for sure.

David, you know, it might indeed be FieldDirt.

Olivier R said...

Be ready for the famous AstroMud of Bilbao's field!