Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cobra Playbook and a Real Murcia Match

Sunday, 18 January, 2015:

I spent most of the day fighting with my PlayMaker Pro playbook making program.

I won a bit and it won a lot but I made some headway.

Finally, in the late afternoon, I boarded the tramvía heading towards the Estadio Nueva Condomina for the 5:00 p.m. Real Murcia fútbol game vs. Racing Club Ferrol.

Checking out the stadium seating

I opted for a 10 Euros cheap seat

 The programs were free

They speak Coca-Cola

But not alcoholic beverages
inside the stadium

Estrella Levante is a great local beer. Apparently they make a non-alcoholic version as well. It helps keep the crowd under control I guess.

The Pitch

The Game

This was a lower division game as Real Murcia and RC Ferrol are both competing in this year's Segunda Division B, Grupo I.

Going into the match, Real Murcia was in fourth place in the 20 team Group I with a record of 11 wins - 3 ties - 6 losses for a total of 36 team points.

RC Ferrol was in fifth place having earned 35 team points based on a record of 10-5-5.

In case you are wondering, Real Oviedo led the Group I standings going into this weekend's games with 44 team points (14-2-4).

Warming-up . . .

. . . with ritmo!

Murcia's Wild Bunch

They are small in numbers but mighty in spirit.

They sing well too

Jesús Samper is the despised President of the Real Murcia Club de Fútbol. He is accused by many in the know of some financial shenanigans that is driving the club into oblivion and I believe that tonight's sparse attendance was a backlash to these allegations.

The loudest chant of the night, and it happened often, was "FUERA SAMPER!!!" It means "Out with Samper!!!"

Although the Estadio Nueva Condomina is state-of-the-art, new and has a good look to it . . .

. . . it was . . .

. . . not packed . . .

. . . in any sense of the word

Shot on Goal



Real Murcia SAVE!!!


36 year old Acciari did the honors

It's a ROUT!!!

Some players were down

Some were dead

1 on 1

Acciari's goal held up

Big win for Real Murcia but I must say that it was probably the dullest fútbol game I've seen in my six years in Europe.

A week from today is our Cobra season opener on the road against the Santurtzi Coyotes about 500 miles north of Murcia near Bilbao.

We still have lots of work to do!

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