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Roaming Around Murcia on a Friday

Friday, 2 January, 2015:


Andy is a good son, a good husband and a good father.

How can 41 years pass so quickly?

I opted to leave La Hacienda at an early hour to go back an enter a few of the places that were closed when I had seen them on New Year’s Day.

First up . . .

The Verónicas Market

While not as massive as the markets in Barcelona or Valencia, this two story marketplace is well stocked with all sorts of culinary delights.

The ground floor is devoted primarily to meat, poultry and seafood while the upper floor is where you’ll find excellent fruits and vegetables.

Spaghetti al Nero anyone?

 Has anyone notified

 Why did former French President
Jacques Chirac's name pop into my head?

 I’ll take two meters please

 A good market HAS to have a
café for men to argue properly

 Upstairs to the Verduras

 Good Looking Pepper


Sharp Looking Eggplants

 Cooking Made Easy Mural

The Verónicas Market is high on quality and is going to become a regular spot on my paseos.

Murcia is near the Med afterall

Next up on the list of things to do was the short walk into the Barrio del Carmen to . . .

Murcia’s Transportation Center

 My Transportation Card!!!

The city of Murcia has an excellent bus and tram system that easily gets you around the city but not in the wewe hours of the morning.

I loaded the card with 30 Euros which will give me 43 rides which is a nice savings as normally rides cost 1.05 Euros, about 1/3 less than what a similar ride cost in Valencia on Wednesday.

Perfectly said,
I have increased my mobility!


I live on Carril Ruiperez, I came upon this similarly named street about two miles from La Hacienda. It could be confusing if I ever take a taxi.

That reminds me . . .

 The Cactus Bowl Game
is being played today

Of course this made for American TV event kicks off at 4:30 a.m. Murcia time on Saturday. I will probably not see it, but still . . . GO DAWGS!!!

Next up, a chance to upset more readers . . .

Museo Taurino Minicipal
y Club Taurino de Murcia

I found two stories full of Fiesta Brava treasures where local aficionados gather to discuss/argue about their passion for Los Toros. In my opinion, it was much better museum than Valencia’s Museo de Toros.

The museum was created in 1995 and is is located in a former gunpowder factory in the Jardin El Salitre.

The Bullfighting Club was founded in 1887!

Colorful Picador’s Assistant Uniform

Why not pink?

 Old Matador Suits of Lights

 Tribute to the Best Ever . . .

 . . . and to the Miura bull that killed him

A pensive Manolete

Lots artsy Bullfight Cartels
and Toros

 This might leave a mark

 I saw Carlos Arruza fight bulls
on horseback in the late 1950s!

He was an older matador then with amazing horses and horsemanship skills. He would dismount for the final part of the corrida to do the needed work with the muleta during the faena and for the kill.

This was a good childhood memory to be sure.

Reminds me, I’m getting hungry

1922 Murcia Bullfight Cartel

Both highlight the basics,
A bull, a matador and a woman

Blood in the Sand issues to be sure, see the 1941 film of the same name with Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell and Rita Hayworth for more details.

 New Art Meets Old Bull

Bold just three months after the
start of the Spanish Civil War in 1936

 A typical gathering spot to
argue all things Toros related

 A Noble Bull

 Málaga knows outfits!

 Picador’s horses are heavily
padded in today’s corridas

 The Museum’s Bar

I was hungry after a lot of walking, so why not?

Café con Leche and a Tortilla Española
2,30 Euros, only about $2.76 USD

This exchange rate of Euro to USD on the internet today means that the dollar is getting stronger, good news for my travel dollar to be sure! 

Sated, I was off to use my brand spanking new Transportation Card for the first time on a tram ride to Murcia’s new fútbol stadium.

Estadio Nueva Condomina

The next home game for the Division II Real Club de Fútbol de Murcia is in two weeks.

I've got to have a Team Scarf

Looking Good

I plan to go to the next home game with all of my Ultra buddies sporting my colors.

After visiting the Team Store in the Estadio Nueva Condomina, I walked over to the adjacent shopping center in search of a much needed piece of equipment for La Hacienda.


Even though the line to be seated literally went about ten deep out the front door, my rule is not to eat American food while in Europe unless I get into some kind of psychotic state.

It’s happened in the past.

Be strong.


I do miss my grandsons.


Back at La Hacienda, it worked well

It has three level of heating: Warm, Hot and BLAST FURNACE!

Life got better today.

At our two Cobras practices tonight, it was more of the usual. Only a small band of extremely hard working players were in attendance.

Everyone says that things will change now that the holidays are about done.

On the drive home with RG Roberto Dúran, we decided to stop off at a bar, the Don Gomez III, about 50 yards from our two nearby flats for an adult beverage.

The Don Gomez III bills itself as a Cerveceria Marisquería. That means that they serve beer and seafood.

Lots of beer and seafood it turned out.

It was, “OH, SO GOOD FOR US!!!”

Great call, Roberto.


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