Sunday, January 4, 2015

Recovery Saturday

Saturday, 3 January, 2015:

After a late Friday night, Saturday was a day to relax a bit.

The Scene of Friday Night's
Food Orgy

"Una racion de navajas por favor."

 An Ecologically Sound Building?

 I Missed the Murcia Indoor
Fútbol Team's Camp

 Home of Murcia's Division I
UCAM Basketball Team

The Palacio is less than a mile from La Hacienda. I plan on going to their game next weekend.

Matt Klinger?
Is that you?

GOOD Movie at the Cine Rex tonight

Amazingly, both Cumberbatch and Knightley speak perfect Spanish in this film.

 Los Reyes Magos

The Three Wise Men's big day to bring even more presents to kids, and officially call an end to the Holidays in Spain, is next Tuesday, 6 January

 King Alfonso X
El Sabio

Taking in the Saturday nightlife in his city.

I will try to be less of a slug on Sunday.

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