Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Museum Tuesday

Tuesday, 20 January, 2015:

On Tuesday morning I received an e-mail from Charlie Wegher who was our QB at Westlake H.S. in 1980-81 and is the Head Coach at Agoura H.S. as well as the President of the Ventura County Football Coaches Association.

The crux of his e-mail was a reminder about the meeting this evening of the Association which I figured was a perfect opportunity to beg the county's coaches for donations of any no longer needed helmets and/or shoulder pads to help meet the equipment crisis that the Cobras are facing. Hopefully donations would be brought to tonight's meeting for Laurie to box up and ship to the Cobras.

Just one helmet or shoulder pads would be viewed as a gift from heaven to our squad.

Now we'll just have to wait and see . . . 

After some more work preparing for Sunday's game, I hit the streets of Murcia in search of some art.

Tribute to the Huertanos

They are the faceless farm workers who have worked the farm lands, a.k.a. huertas, surrounding Murcia for literally centuries.

Huertano Opening a slough to
irrigate the fields

 Two Cherubs just hanging out

I really like the angel

 Court Jester

 Beast-like Men

Oranges, nice climate in Murcia

After a small lunch at the Bull Fight Museum's café, I entered the free City of Murcia Museum next door.

It was three stories of interesting information on, as its name implies, the history of our fine ciudad.

No pictures please.

I'm obedient.


This was the second museum I visited on this fine day. It is dedicated to the work of Master Baroque sculptor Francisco Salzillo (1707-1783).

The museum had a gigantic Nativity scene temporary exhibit with hundreds of figures that were each about a foot tall, amazing. They were the work of brothers Emilio and Carmelo Garcia de Castro. The brothers created all of these figures between 1725 and 1790.

As for Salzillo, he is responsible for eight gigantic wood structures and polychromes that leave the museum only during Holy Week Processions through the city. They are a sight to behold and I look forward to seeing their Procession in April.

The small church that houses Salzillo's work was spectacular as well.

Again, no pictures please.

Again, I'm obedient.  

Cultural Icon
Women strolling arm-in-arm

I just liked the sign

After the two museum visits, it was back to La Hacienda for some more football work in the afternoon.

In the evening I decided to go for a paseo.

Hey, we had colored tires like
these for the boys to play with
in our Thousand Oaks home

Murcia's Water Department

Murcia's Performing Arts Theater

I hit GOLD today in my La Liga
card collecting endeavors

Sunday is GAME DAY!!!

It comes with a fun 1000 mile round-trip bus ride to Santurtzi which is in the north of Spain near Bilbao.

Thankfully, we get our longest bus ride of the regular season out of the way in Week #1.

Only two more practices until the Coyotes game, it should be interesting to say the least!


David said...

Wait, I thought you were President for Life of the Football Coaches' Association. What happened?

George said...

Apparently I died.