Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday, Wash Day . . . AGAIN!

Monday, 5 January, 2015:

It seems like I am always doing laundry when I'm living in Europe, a lot different than when I'm in Camarillo I'll tell you.

Tomorrw, Tuesday, the 6th of January, is the Feast of the Epiphany, the Twelfth Day of Christmas in the classic yuletide carol. It is the day that the Three Wise Men, a.k.a., Los Reyes Magos, visit households at night delivering presents to children who have been good the past year.

Sound familiar?

For centuries this was the only gift giving day during Las Navidades. Gradually, the Santa Claus tradition on Christmas Day has been added into the mix to the merriment of all Spanish children.

Now, for a couple of Reyes Magos traditions . . .

The Roscón de Reyes

Belén, who runs the local panaderia, had this small pastry ready for me this morning. It is traditionally eaten on El Dia de Los Reyes Magos and it is, oh so good for you!

More about the Roscón in a minute, but first note what is in the upper left corner on the above photo.

The Sorteo del Niño

Belén also is my go-to person for all things related to the national lottery. Here is my guaranteed winning ticket in tomorrow mornings big lotería.

Back at the Roscón de Reyes

It looked delicious, was cream filled and came with a crown that goes to the person who finds a prize baked into the cake.

First bite and I found the
priceless ring!

I thus crowned myself

I believe that Belén may have baked more than one prize into my Roscón.

I opted to walk into town to see what was going on on this Reyes Magos Eve.

Cavalgata Seats

Monday night is the big parade or cavalgata that is held in almost every major city in Spain on this night. In it the Reyes Magos minions through candies out to the children in attendance thus insuring that a mini-riot can break out at any moment.

Cavalgata Grandstand Seats

Unfortunately, the Cavalgata was scheduled to start in Murcia's city center area at the same time that we were scheduled to practice tonight in the outskirts of the pueblo.

So, no Cavalgata for me.

Vendor setting up for the Cavalgata

I continued my walk after checking out the Cavalgata route.

Nice Fountain

The old Gun Powder Factory

Old Door

This one ids found at Iglesía San Esteban which was built between 1557 and 1570.

This door might be the original!

San Esteban



Wanting to give pagans a shout out on the blog today.

Nice Shout Out to this Priest

New Door

Chain Tapas Restaurant

First ate at one of these in Sevilla. The food and cañas here are both good and inexpensive.

That being said, the tapas place across the way looked much more historic and was crowded. It is next on my hit list!

Bought this book today

It is written in Spanish and will take me some time to read it but it should be interesting to say the least.


Because of the family nature of Los Reyes Magos Eve, we held both the Junior and Senior practices at the same time.

For the first time, we were able to run the ball with all 11 players on offense going against nine men (no CBs) on defense.

It was the first time in Spain that I came home from practice feeling that we had accomplished something positive as a team and not just as individuals.


After practice, Roberto Dúran dropped me off in the city center. I wanted to see if any of the Cavalgata was still in progress but it was to no avail.

The walk home to La Hacienda though did put me into two nice areas that were well lit up at night.

 The Plaza Cardenal Belluga

The Cathedral is to the left and the Episcopal House is on the right.

The University of Murcia

That was a REALLY good practice tonight!!!

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