Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Walk to Monteagudo and UCAM Fútbol

Domingo, 4 January, 2015:

After a load of washing (does it ever end), I looked out my window to see a bright, sunny day indeed!

It was HOT!!!

Everyone in Murcia keeps telling me that January is one of the two coldest months of the year in the south of Spain with February being the other one. Today's temperatures make it hard to believe. After my last European winter in France, I'M LOVING IT HERE!

It should be noted that the typical Spaniard today was wearing a heavy coat and a warm scarf because, I suppose, it was ". . . one of the two coldest months of the year in the south of Spain . . ."

The calendar trumps the actual temperature apparently.

I was sporting a t-shirt and the thinest slacks I own because, as I said, it was HOT!

Today's first adventure was to take advantage of the good weather and take a stroll to . . .

About Three Miles from La Hacienda

My Route to Monteagudo

Why go to this outlying village of 4,000 souls, you ask?

To get an up close look at
this imposing natural tower

Note that, in homage to Rio de Janeiro hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, Monteagudo has erected a huge statue of Christ atop the rock ala Sugarloaf in Rio.

At least I think that is why it's there, I could be wrong.

As usual, along the way I saw interesting things.

Shouldn't I live here?

Political Graffiti

Work on your dialect

Sculpture José Lucas'
Homenaje a los Poetas

Most of the major roundabouts in Murcia are highlighted by some form of interesting artwork.

Then there is this one.

A Rusted Steamroller

I think that many poets may have preferred it on their roundabout.

Getting Closer

Another NEW Church?

It was in Monteagudo and a sign with an arrow saying simply "BELEN" pointed me to it for the end of a Mass. 

A Belen is a Nativity scene which a huge in Spain at this time of year.

But low and behold, look who beat me in the door . . .

The Three . . .

. . . Wise Men

And their dates it seems.

Should I take pictures in the Church if the Mass was not quite over?

Well, if the Priest is, WHY NOT?

The Wise Men greeting the kids

You know, I did come in here for the Belen . . .

Slaughtering the Innocents
yet again

The Flight to Egypt

Maybe I should take that flight this Spring too.

Huerta Murciana?

The Virgin of Fuensanta

Breakfast in Monteagudo

In 2014, bullfighting attendance went up 20% in the Region of Murcia over the 2013 numbers.

Roberto and David Dúran
are popular in Monteagudo

What is this building below
the tower?

A fun little museum about Monteagudo

And it was free to enter and to use their audio guide!

Early Weaponry


I liked it

Arabic influence in Monteagudo

An Arabic plate

Artsy Museum INDEED!

Now it was time to start my climb up the tower. Fortunately, you can only go up half way.

As close as I'm getting

An old Arabic Castle is
also to be found on the tower

Views of the nearby Huertas

View back to Murcia

The twin man-made towers that are next to La Hacienda can be seen in the distant middle of this picture.

That's a long way!!!

Good Bye

Someone's Nice Front Porch
in Monteagudo

A Nice Town with . . .

. . . an interesting Café . . .

. . . an a Pony Ride!!!


No place at your small home to dry your laundry?

No problem, just walk across the Alicante Highway and hang it on the fence.

They sell Confessions here?

I may have translated that incorrectly.

Miguel Indurain was big in
our household back in the day

Neat old sign pointing to . . .

. . . a brand new car agency

Upon returning to La Hacienda I took a much needed shower and then was off to a game of fútbol starting at 5:00 p.m.

I passed this park along the way to . . .

Estadio La Condomina

The other day I visited the Nuevo Estadio Condomina in the outskirts of Murcia that is the home of Murcia's Division II Club Real team.

This is the old downtown stadium that is the home of Murcia's other Division II club, UCAM.

UCAM stands for Universidad CAtólica de Murcia. This is the same Catholic University that sponsors Murcia's Division I basketball squad.

A Catholic school trying to dominate in the world of sports. 

Who would have ever thought of that happening.

 Stadium Entrty

Tickets only cost 5 Euros and allowed you to sit anywhere you wanted.

 The Pitch

Catholic schools and sports

The seats were sturdy
but a bit worn

Team Introductions

Let's set the stage . . .

UCAM plays in Spain's Segunda B Division. They are currently undefeated and in first place in the Division's Group IV with a record of eight wins, no losses and ten ties.

Their opponents today, El Palo, are in ninth place in Group IV with a record of four wins, 2 losses and twelve ties.

My guess is that a tie game is in store.

By the way, Real Murcia is also in the Segunda B Division but plays in Group I. Real Murcia is in fourth place in that group with a mark of ten wins, five losses and a mere three ties.

El Palo Goalie

Fight for the Ball


 El Palo Goalie blocked this one . . .

 . . . but not this one

UCAM, in blue, went up one-nil at the 10:57 mark of the first half.

 Jump Ball

Blocked it with his culo

 Yet another header

At the half, UCAM still led one-nil.

The Concession Lines
Were BRUTAL!!!

 But the prices were quite low

A packed Stadio La Condomina

 Another Death on the Pitch

Battling in the Corner

Break-away UCAM SCORE!!!

It was 2-0 with 33:18 gone in the second half, victory was just minutes away!

It's OVER!!!!

Time to celebrate . . . but how?

This would be a good way

Don't you think?

I took the high road and bought a delicious Empanada Gallega.

Time to call it another great day in sunny España!


Olivier R said...

I love the "political graffiti", with the one of the left answering to the one at the right!The only place in Spain when you don't find graffiti asking for the "liberation" of the town or the region is Madrid... and i'm not even sure of that... there's probably a "Madrid Libre" or a "Madrid no es espana " graffiti somewhere! BTW in the complicated world of european soccer... "Segunda B" is the third division of spanish soccer.

George said...


Thanks for both the political and fútbol updates. I had a feeling that the Adelante Liga was the real DII in España.

Rosa said...

George aqui te dejo un enlace a la historia del cristo de Monteagudo, que originariamente fue una fortaleza, castillo, árabe.. te va a resultar interesante..

Donde viste "Se venden confecciones" es ropa, comfección= ropa para vestir =)
Gracias por este nuevo paseo por la tierra.