Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Friday and Saturday to Recharge the Old Batteries

Friday, 16 January, 2015:

My goals were simple on Friday, do some more reading while I ran a loads of laundry and then go shopping for some more hammers. 

After accomplishing my first goal, it was off to catch the Tramvía to do some serious shopping.

A Brand New Mall

It was very clean and had some familiar stores.

A Dunkin' Donuts!

Oh, no, it's a knockoff store but they did have good looking donuts inside.

I passed.

A Great Electronics Store

We made good use of their store in Lyon two years ago.

They have MAN sized clothes!!!

Another store that came through for me in France.

Laurie will be happy

Home of the Game Hammer

I bought our 2012-13 Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons Game Hammer at the Leroy Merlin's in Lyon.

Being a bit superstitious, I was more than happy to buy the 2015 Murcia Cobras Game Hammer at their Murcia store.

A Driving School and the Dakar
Road Race side-by-side

Maybe they are teaching you how to drive in the desert?

In the evening it was time for two more Cobra practices.

The Cantina at the Guadalupe
Field where the Juniors worked out

Good Café con Leche
Substandard Pizza

We had another two very solid practices.

The Juniors game at Mallorca this weekend was postponed while the Seniors open the season next Sunday, January 25th in Santurtzi which is near Bilbao in the north of Spain.

Saturday, 17 January, 2015:

Nothing much to report in this morning but the afternoon was another story altogether.

I was scheduled to meet with Jesus Clemente, our ace WR, at 5:00 p.m. to go over the Cobras Playbook. He called me at about 1:00 p.m. to see if I would be willing to go earlier to his family's country home for a BBQ before discussing football plays.

I managed to change my plans.

Jesus picked me up for the drive deep into the hill country of Murcia's Huerta to the Finca Clemente.

A Castle on the Finca


It turns out that Jesus' grandfather had 12 children. He divided his hill-top farm for the 12 kids to enjoy and apparently they have built country homes on the inherited land to suit their individual tastes.

The Castle was the idea of one of Jesus and our QB Angel's uncles. It is striking, especially since it is the home closest to the road as you arrive at the Finca.

Once at Jesus and Angel's parents home, we found two great Clemente parents, a couple of Cobra linemen, some incredible food and fine wine to share the afternoon.

 Papa Clemente working the BBQ

His barbecued meats were tasty! His wife's cooking was so good that I offered her a job in California as the Head Chef of my new restaurant to be named later.

She is a spectacular chef to be sure!

 Plenty to eat

The BEST of Times

People always remark how lucky I have been due to coaching in Europe to be able to visit places like Rome, Paris, London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Oslo, Zurich, Milan, Florence, Madrid and Barcelona amongst many others.

Of course, they are correct, I am lucky but while wonderful, they are not the things that have grown dear to me over the six seasons coaching overseas.

Days like today's sharing of a simple, yet incredible, meal in a player's home with family, friends and some vino tinto are the days that I cherish the most.

I have been fortunate to have team members in Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France and now Spain be consummate hosts and warm friends.

These are the moments that I treasure the most the longer I'm away from home.

Gracias Familia Clemente!

Now it's time to do some serious computer work on the Play Book we agreed upon after dinner.

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