Saturday, January 10, 2015

Roaming in Murcia on a Friday

Friday, 9 January, 2015:

I am still fighting a cold but getting out in the sun for a walk on a balmy Friday was a must, I must think of my figure.

The terrorist situation in and around Paris is just sickening and all that everyone is talking about in Murcia today.

The National Police

Grandpa Bill would be proud

Comic Book Section
in Murcia's Regional Library

I have never seen a section like this one before in a library. I was able to resist the temptation and checked out a novel by Swedish mystery master, Henning Mankell.

I also checked out a DVD called Memoria de España. It is a two part video with Part I reviewing Spain from 1922-1939 and Part II covering the Franco years from 1940-1975.

Unfortunately, my computer can't play it.

I wonder how much a cheap DVD player would run me?

I was a bit hungry after the walk to the library so I headed towards a little place that I had my eye on last week but along the way I ran into . . . 

Museo Arqueológico de Murcia

There was no entry fee and I had some time, so what the heck, LET'S DO IT!!!

Ancient Pottery

Great coin exhibit

A Pretty Face

Tennis Anyone?

Nice Blades

Twisted Spear

My Grandmother did the exact same thing to my squirt machine-gun in 1954 after I tried to neutralize her in the back yard.

4th Century Nazis?

if you do it right

Happy Dog


A Manly Face

I miss Laurie and her quirks

Teeming streets of mid-day Murcia

Lunchtime in a Los Zagales
in Murcia since 1926

Every time I'd gone past this Bar-Bodega, it was packed. Today, at lunch, it was more than manageable.

Good food, good beverages

Friendly staff and lots of pictures
on the back walls

El País Newspaper

While reading today's issue during lunch at Los Zagales, I found this one page article titled "24 Hours in Lyon, France."

A good start with its suggestions, but really, just 24 hours? You can not do Lyon justice in just a one day visit.

Next stop, the University of Murcia's La Merced campus.

The Library

The U. of M. is Murcia's public university. On-line, I saw that they offer classes for senior citizens, so I thought that I would see what was being offered.

School of Letters

I will have to check back on Monday to find out more about the senior citizens classes.

In the evening it was time to head out to the first of twom practices for the Cobras.

The first workout was for our 2-0 Junior team who plays a game in Mallorca in a week. Surprisingly, we found that . . .

 . . . someone had manicured the AstroDirt!

We had a great Junior practice!

The kids worked hard, I got a chance to yell a bit and the team responded in a positive way. I like the direction that this group is heading.

The Senior practice saw more players in attendance. This group of players were hungry to learn all sorts of new things tonight. Things are brightening on this front too.

After practice, my main man Roberto Dúran and I stopped off for ONE caña and ONE ensalada rusa at our nearby eatery Don Gomez III.

 Paco of Don Gomez III Fame

Once again, our mischievous barkeep, Paco, displayed terrible mathematics and listening skills.

I ate seafood dishes that Roberto had to explain to me in depth. It turns out that I love anchovies!

All of the extra food and beer sure hit the spot!

Orujo de Hierbas

This was Paco's coup de grâce as he mercifully allowed us to leave the Don Gomez III with a shred of our dignity still in tow.



David said...

It's possible your computer won't play the DVD because it's set for U.S.-region DVDs, and a quick settings change would solve the problem. Perhaps you can find someone there you can help with that.

The other possibility cheaper than a DVD player might be an external hard drive sold locally. It would be likely be set up for the correct region's DVDs.

George said...


As always, GRACIAS!!!!