Sunday, December 12, 2021

A Trading Card Show Dominated Weekend


Thurs.-Sun., December 9-12, 2021

Our first weekend in a long, long time without a football game to attend. What to do?

Well, Marx Cards, Inc., our local sports and, more importantly for Jacob, Pokemon trading card store, was hosting a card show in their parking lot on Saturday.

Why not, what could it hurt?

Not counting my retirement money of course.

Oh, my!

Jacob was SO excited when we got there and, frankly so was I.

There were so many more vendors on hand than I had imagined.

Jacob got to work QUICKLY!

"Poppo, what do you think?"

I brought with me an unopened dusty box of Topps baseball cards with 36 packs of cards from 1989 that had been sitting in a closet for the past 32 years to see what it might be worth.

Disappointedly, the box by itself was not of high value in itself because this 1989 Topps set was both way overproduced as it turns out.

I had read as much on-line before coming to the show. Our son Michael's counsel was to hold on to the box. His reasoning was that if just one, anyone, of the 25 most valuable cards in the 792 card set was in one of the 36 packs of cards in the box, it would be worth more than the offers I had received from the vendors at the show.

Jacob heartily agreed.

Provided that he could open up the packs.

On Sunday, we met at our house to open a few of those 1989 packs.

Here we go . . .

I dressed in my most solemn t-shirt for the Grand Opening.

In the lower right, protective card
holders at the ready just in case
we found one of those 25 cards

There they are, 36 packs of
potential NIRVANA!

Jacob opened the first pack with
Michael and I watching expectantly

Wouldn't you know it, that first pack had a Rickey Henderson card valued at $80 or four times what I was offered for the box on Saturday!

We only opened nine packs today as I decided to reserve the rest for more Golden Moments in Grand-Parenting in the near future.

Fun with Jacob and Michael

Jacob weaved his magic one more time in finding a Craig Biggio Rookie Card said to bring another $65 into our retirement trust fund.

Of course, the weekend was also one dedicated to preparing our home for the Holidays.

I was in charge of our hall tree

Every Yuletide season this is where all of our University of Washington Christmas ornaments go on display. The hole in the middle of the second row is reserved for the impending arrival of our 2021 UW ornament.

I wonder if it will have a Covid-19 motif?

And finally . . .

If you happen to be in Japan
next Sunday, see if you can
attend this game

I've been led to believe that it will be a BEAUTIFUL day for American football in Japan on game day.

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