Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Catching Up on Even MORE American Football Related Happenings


Mon.-Wed., December 6-8 , 2021

I wanted to catch up a bit about last Saturday's California State 6A Semi-Final Playoff Game between El Camino Real and Arlington game in Riverside.

The following photos from that night were taken by our son Michael.

At attention outside the stadium
during the playing of the National Anthem

With Joanne and Paul Sabolic

The three of us are all charter members of the El Camino Real H.S. Football Groupies Association of Woodland Hills, California. 

So are these two

The season is over but we had some good times, especially in the last five weeks of the 2021 campaign.

On Monday, I met with Agoura H.S. Head Coach Dustin Croick who had more clothing to add to our nearly non-stop service getting used football gear to needy teams throughout the known American football playing globe.

So far this week, we've sent boxes to three teams in Spain, two in Italy and one to a club in Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

And it's only Wednesday.

By the way, I found out this week that the United States Postal Service definitely does not send packages to either Colombia or Nigeria.

Who knew?

I was at the right place

The Chargers' lightning bolt would
be HUGE today as it turned out

So, what treasures would the Agoura football program be giving us today?



These are the absolute Gold Standard when it comes to American football donations!

We also got about another 200 pairs of game pants, all with . . .


Besides these sharp looking ones in Navy blue, Coach Croick also gave us . . .

. . . White Pants and . . .

. . . Royal Blue ones

Not to mention, he threw in a box of sharp looking game socks.

Cool don't you think?

Finally, I think that we have come up with a decision as to what college bowl games we are going to see this year.

The Holiday Bowl in San Diego
UCLA Bruins (8-4)
PAC-12 Conference
North Carolina State Wolfpack (9-3)
Atlantic Coast Conference

and . . .

The Las Vegas Bowl
Arizona State Sun Devils (8-4)
PAC-12 Conference
Wisconsin Badgers (8-4)
Big-10 Conference

These two road trips should make good additions to our holiday frolicking.

If you need me, I'll be in our garage packing boxes with Laurie to ship to teams somewhere in the EuroBall world. 

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