Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday in Lyon

This morning's four hour and 34 minute ride on the high speed TGV train from Nantes to Lyon was a delight. It was smooth and safe from start to finish and our car was, at best, only one third full.

The ONLY way to fly!

So to speak . . .

It was raining in Lyon when we got here.

The Wizard of Bron-Villeurbanne

Last Tuesday and Wednesday the powers that be that are in charge of our practice facility had a series of lines painted onto the "grass," for lack of a better term.

These lines turned our field into the makings of a rather large parking lot for big Pétanque tournament that is scheduled at our sports complex for the weekend of June 1 and 2.

Just when we were starting to feel good about ourselves and our 10-0 season, these same powers helped put us in our place and get our egos to fit inside of our helmets for another week.

We were informed by the sports board over the weekend that, even though we were preparing for our final week of practice before the Southern Conference Championship Game, mind you for the right to be crowned as the best team for one half of one of Europe's oldest sovereign countries, we would not be allowed to practice this week because they were afraid that we would mess up the lines.

You can't make this stuff up.

I am not exactly sure what WR Gaetan Tafa's official title is with the Falcons club, but I'm guessing Wizard. In the midst of all of this, he was able to quickly get the city to let us use the Field Turf field next to our game field which has been off limits to our Seniors all season.


Reading Is FUNdamental

Zafón is a master writer from Barcelona. This is the second of his Gothic novels set in his hometown that I have read.

He is a very interesting and mystical story maker indeed!


David said...

I understand ranking below other sports, but ranking below parked cars is a bit much.

George said...

Only in France or perhaps in a parallel dimension.

Anonymous said...

The petanque tournament in Bron is a huge deal !
It's an international tournament with 10 000 euros to win !!!
And France is the country of petanque, and the world champion in petanque...

in France sadly i think that US football is like petanque in the US. It's very confidential...

And Bron is one of the Friendly town for US football in France !

Lyon just said basically screw you to the Lyon gones team when they wanted a game field...

Imagine a High school football championship in the US and a team who wants to play petanque in the parking lot (in stabilised dirt) the week before the game, when everything is ready for the cars to park. Do you think the petanque team is gonna be welcome ?...

Olivier R said...

Yes but imo pétanque competitions should be forbidden in the Lyon area. Only lyonnaise boules compétition should be allowed in thé région and pétanque is not a sport it s a pastime for marseillais ans tourists!