Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Off to Germany

Just a quick post before we meet up with our Falcons Defensive Coordinator, Stephen Wohlert, for a two day mini-vacation to Germany.

First, I think that Laurie had a really good birthday yesterday which made us both happy. (That's for sure!  Thank you for all the warm wishes! ~ Laurie)

Second, I am not taking my computer to Germany so the blog will be down for a couple of days.

BIG Game this Sunday
Southern Conference Semi-Finals

Third, our practice last night was INTENSE!!! This was due in equal parts to our players attitudes and Stephen's return to the team after spending the last few weeks in the USA due to his business responsibilities.

Stephen adds a very tough attitude/edge to our team that really inspires our players on defense.

One note about this group, it is a little thing but a lot of little things add up to something HUGE! The Falcons starters are constantly asking me to put them on Special Teams.

Great teams are like that.

Sunday at 14h00 CET

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