Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Lyonnais Attempt at Spring

On Tuesday, Lyon made yet another attempt at the concept of Spring. We were treated to a picture perfect day in what has become, with all due respect to all of the wonderful places that we have visited and lived in over the past five years, our favorite place in all of Europe . . . France.

We opted on this fine day to meet our friend Julien Urgenti for lunch at our favorite restaurant, Sophie's, in Lyon's St-Just district.

As always, the dining experience there was a delight.

The St-Just was primed on this marvelous day for a little exploration.

 Remains of the Roman Aqueduct

 Laurie by an ancient wall

 Fine French Fountain

I actually did have beef for lunch

Lyon's biggest spoon?

 Mural of the ancient St-Just district

We would look SO good in this
rig touring the French countryside.

We slowly enjoyed the long walk down the hill from St-Just to the Vieux Lyon where we again discovered life's simple pleasures.

Classical Guitarist

This expert artist was sitting basically by himself in a small square playing beautiful music. We sat here for a long time listening to his wonderful scores and enjoying the day.

We will remember this moment for a very long time.

Although Life IS Good . . .

 It just got BETTER!

My first glace of the Spring. Sicilian blood orange was the obvious choice. Perfect on this lovely afternoon. 

Kevin Contreras
North Las Vegas, Nevada

Today, our grandson told his parents that "Someday I want to be an ass kicking middle linebacker like Matthieu Fayard!"


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