Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's November Again in Lyon

Wednesday was met by yet another round of rain after Tuesday's beautiful Spring day. Locals keep saying that this has been the wettest Spring in memory.

Glad that we were here to share it with our new friends.

Thus we spent the day lounging in the lap of luxury that is The Villa watching movies, eating wonderful things and working on football related issues.

After viewing clips of our upcoming opponents, the Montrabé Comètes, it is easy to see why they are 10-0 and seeded #1 in the Southern Conference. They are talented, well coached and play hard. We are in for a battle to be sure on May 26th!

In the wet evening I did have a Cadet practice to attend. 

Cadet Team Tackling Drill

The wet weather makes everything so nice and green.

We made the decision two weeks ago to travel out of the country to one of our favorite cities in the world, Barcelona!

We were hoping for some good beach time but, again, the weather is not going to cooperate fully.

Still, a Spanish Civil War Tour Saturday morning, an FC Barcelona game on Sunday night and tapas morning, noon and night for four days should be a good break for us.

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